Prophetic signs and visions were given to and for the few with understanding of the Light

My future mother it is Mika’el.

As the heavens proclaim the transition of the ages this knowledge and understanding is only for the few. While the prophets have written down their visions the descriptions were penned in their ancient language and vernacular. Today these scattered insights are left for scattered interpretations. The visions and prophecy are not for ALL just as the visions were for a few that lived within the Light.

My future mother I Mika’el was handed the little book in 5770.

The little book of Daniel and John was written upon my heart of flesh. I published it for the world yet the unbelievers discount it.  I have the birthright.  I am the Levite and by my lips are peace and knowledge. I’ve looked through the hearts of many men and non are witness to the Light. I shared the little book with the kings and false priests of the day but their ego brandished it not possible.  Since 5770 I have been sounding the Shofar to deaf ears. I only wanted them to taste the sweetness yet all they want is the bitter bile of their apostasy.

My future mother I Mika’el am the Shofar.

Throughout my life I have known that the hidden Light within me was true. I searched and waited for the unmasking. Soon I will dance amongst the uninitiated and release the Light unto the earth. Now that the Light is soon to be upon the world the green glow of love and truth is foreign to the darkness. The children of darkness see it but do not recognize it. They feel it but are unnerved by it. They have waited for it but do not understand it. All of the learned men of this world vomit the same bile as if they understand the Light from within their darkness.

My future mother I Mika’el am the Light.

Many of the so called signs and revelations are personal. The book was handed to the Lion not to the pack. The little one will become a thousand a small one a strong nation. Soon the spread of Light will be hastened and the children of darkness will cry in the dismay over the apostasy of their forebears. The apostasy holds no relevance except towards destruction. Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

My future mother I Mika’el will heal the earth.

The God of my fathers does not smite in anger. The recompense is left for those who are in need of the healing of the recompense. The melting of eyes in your sockets will be from the torches of man. The Light is a healing. It is disrespect for yourself and your earthly family that you burn the fires so fiercly. The God of my fathers gives Life. You choose death.

My future mother I Mika’el will open the Tree of Life.

The signs are here for me to see. I share what I need. I understand the task that is before me. As my Light shines the kings and false priests of the world will unite to deceive and will state the Light is darkness. They will claim that the horrors of their hands are actually of the Light. From within their darkness will they taste the recompense. The Light only reflects the smite they have put on themselves.

My future mother I Mika’el am the sign of the end of war, deception and greed.

Rejoice for the changes are upon us. The children of darkness are already running for cover. Their shelters and their caves are for those who do not understand the Light. Empty yourselves of the delusions of darkness and fill yourselves with the Light. Only then will you have success!

Peace and Light to ALL!