Prophecy of the time of Righteousness signals the healing of the earth and the grand transition

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Today under the first moon of Righteousness the feminine and masculine will dance before the uninitiated. These Tsade moons tell the signs of our transformation from this era of war, deception and greed to the coming age of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness. The uninitiated refer to them as ‘Blood Moons’ for they only see from the eyes of apostasy. They cannot behold the healing of Light that is soon to be.

All prophecy is consistent when seen through the Light.

The error of the world will soon turn to recompense and healing. The children of darkness lost in their apostasy will not recognize the Light as they cling to their delusions. The vicar will pronounce great evil yet he will not realize that the horror was born of his office. The head will soon be removed from the ancient serpent as the smoke rises over the seven hills.

The truth of your ancient books are found within the Light.

My future mother this is not the first time that I Mika’el have entered this realm. My Light has been shining for many generations to give my people direction and protection. My purpose will soon be over and I will be free to live with you in the Gardens at last. Daniel knew of my two journeys to this realm for ALL. The first was during the abomination of the third temple. This time a great horror is on your horizon and I  am the Shofar of warning.

The children of darkness will soon be exiled.

The earth is the precious Gardens that ALL share. The destruction and fate of the children of darkness is by their own hands. The children of the Light will follow me to the final renovation. It has been foretold since the beginning. The end was known from the start. The lesson of good and evil is upon us. Soon the children of darkness will be exiled from the Garden.

My future mother I know you will choose the Light.

Let the Light be your strength. Find the truth of the Infinite Creator within my message of life and peace. The knowledge I have given to ALL. The logic of the wisdom is irrefutable. I am consistent with prophecy for I am prophecy. Be not afraid for the coming days are a healing for the earth and for ALL. Continue to prepare for my arrival. You my future mother will lead our people to our Gardens at last.

Peace and Light to ALL!