Prepare for when the fiery storm is passed

My future mother, it is Mika’el again.

There are hills and caves near to you so that you may find shelter when the coming days are upon you.

Recognize them and understand that one day you will need shelter from the torches of men. These will be your refuge and the refuge of the remnants. Do not go there until it is time. Please prepare the surrounding countryside for life beyond the changes. Prepare now to give yourself a chance when the rest of this civilization crumbles.

The trees and those edible plants that give you life will be spared from the ensuing battle for our homeland. Begin rebuilding the gardens now so that when you emerge from the cover of the hills and caves your basic needs will be met. Start by planting fruit and nut trees of every variety that grow well near you. Plant as many as you can in the coming years. When you require their gifts, these wonders of the Earth will feed you and your peoples.

My future mother, I pass this batton to you so that ALL may have life in the coming age. My mission is soon to be completed and homeward I will be. Begin reading my teachings. Begin planting trees. Begin to create our new homeland that ALL have waited so long to return. When I am finished I want to know that you have begun to prepare for the return to our gardens. For when I am gone again, you will need to act quickly and find shelter from the ensuing battle.

You will know. I will send my emissaries to you for guidance and understanding. You are not alone. You and all of those that are of the Light will receive protection. As these instructions are for you my future mother, so too are they for all who recognize the Light and understand. We will all rise when our homeland is again secured. Rejoice for home draws near.

Be strong my future mother. Stand near the Light and heed my instruction. When the fiery storm is passed you will see the most beautiful day. At that moment understand that your future and that of ALL will be filled with overwhelming peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness. You will be home.

Peace and Life!