Preparations being set if the first eventuality upon reverence for ALL does occur

My future mother it is Mika’el.

As the word of transition was sent early this morn we must prepare for the gathering. A trumpet horn and in motion is set the final chapter of these three dark aspects of war, deception and greed. Into the Light will we walk shadows behind us they will be.

First my breastplate and staff must be in hand.

My future mother in a land far away through the arid ancient grounds of fertile plains and growing trees hold the objects of Light from the first booth. My emissaries show that they surely glow as the caretakers spread the word. When the two united upon the heart of Light will ALL shine in the gentle glow.

Through the lands of darkness to the soft glow of arms.

The battle rages soon my future mother as the Light becomes known. The fire of the earth rests for now. The descending Light is in our midst. For when the blue is seen ALL will know the eventuality of our scene. From the hallows dark a glow will show the horizon waits for ALL. Soon we will be home.

Travel will soon take Mika’el away to the land of Light.

The invitation awaits and soon Mika’el will leave quietly in the night. For morning he arrives they believe to reunite tools of another world. When the mask came off these did glow waiting for the crash of pure blue. When found and mounted through the rock the Light will glow. Unchain the earth will be the war cry as the mallet reaches her core. Stand back as the Light reignites that healing glow of old. Soon my future mother soon.

Peace and Light!