Pausing in the gentle green Garden glow of our bed my beloved

My future mother it is Mika’el.

My battle is strong diving towards the depths of darkness. The passing of knowledge and creation has been a challenge throughout our history yet the battle of days past was overwhelming and haunting. The lifetimes lend to an eternal moment both within as without the Garden. The faint green glow I stop to relish of lands and days of ancient past.

ALL once lived within peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

My future mother the land and life are as ONE. The delusion separates truth from wrath. The seal is closed with the endless cycle and choices forebears extend. End the war. Learn war no more. Within and without find the peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindnes of Light transforming ALL. The Light you seek is before your eyes. The stories you make as they travel to the inner worlds veil the darkness you create.

As with ALL the Light is my path.

The green glow of our bed my beloved is just as I remember it to be. From lifetime to lifetime I take your hand in this dance of Light together as ONE. Soon my beloved when we are together again in the healing green Garden glow ALL will be forever more within the Light. Infinite and eternal the life we share as ONE.

Sing song of songs my beloved returning to the Light.

The trees grow their abundant fruits. The pathways are lined with delightful treats. We walked amongst the golden fields of grain as sun shone in the purest service the nourishment ALL required. Hand in hand our family lived a time when the Garden was aglow a loving green.

My future mother darkness will pass as the sun shines Light.

As the green Garden glow returns to the earth ALL can be healed in Light. Plant the trees and the edible fruits of the land my future mother. Soon suffering and subjugation will be of a forgotten era. Together the earth and ALL will heal. ALL will see the gentle green Garden glow when land and life are ONE again.

Peace and Light to ALL!