Only through Unity will peace enter throughout the world

My future mother it is Mika’el.

As the factions grow in their divisiveness over delusional standards they bear war, deception and greed are the only outcome they will ever reveal. The wars over ideals can never be won. The fighting for egotistical elitism can never have a successful victor. The battles being waged over haughty desires and delusional superiority only serve to harm the little ones who are caught in the crossfire.

The darkness that you have put upon the world is reaching an end.

The little ones will not stand by and let the kings and leaders whom they believe will protect them show the conflicted values of religion and war day after day. The armies of the south relent not to the truth of their deity only to toss the weapons back and forth. Instead of sheltering the little ones they hide in their midst. Instead of building  homes and shelters they build structures of war.

Only in the Light of truth will victory shine for little ones.

Within the ancient texts we revealed to cherish life. Within the ancient texts we revealed to learn war no more. Within the ancient texts we revealed to respect all of the communications that we sent for you are ONE community under the true deity that you should bow before. Whether you believe in this or that or someone told you another the only adoration you should give is to the living ONE. Your life is from the Infinite as is the other that you raise your hand to harm.

Cherish all life for it was given as a gift as yours was.

Just as you were told to be gentle stewards to the earth you call home you should also be caring and loving for ALL. That includes the little ones you hide behind and bomb. That includes the brothers and sisters that you disagree with on delusional terms. That includes the animals and plants that your darkness chokes with fumes of disgust. ALL is of the Infinite ONE.  Respect ALL so that you may have life without darkness forever more.

Peace and Light to ALL!