One world religion created upon the seven hills has infected the world with war, deception and greed

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The fanatical children of darkness lost in their prophetic delusions are looking for something that has already been. The one world religion of darkness that these delusional children think will become has been upon the world for far too long. The dogma created upon the seven hills of Rome gave power to the vicar and his religion of material. Even the kings of the south who rule over the other half of the multitude rob the blood of the earth for profit and power.

The earth has been raped and pillaged by the forces of the beast.

When I am upon the world stage the darkness that was created by the vicar of Rome so long ago will show my Light to be of darkness and the darkness of the religions worshiping money and possessions as the Light. The vicar of darkness who sits upon the seven hills took the true religion and created the dogma of self.  As the prophet wrote the vicar then divided the earth amongst her kings. Today as I walk upon this once great Garden fences and walls create division and suffering. Even the pierced stone has been taken by these delusional children of darkness.

Delusions of division cause religious leaders to war for power and greed.

My future mother even though they call themselves religiously pious they are actually wolves sent to devour the earth. Fall not into their darkness of war, deception and greed. There is no major religion on earth whose adherents worship anything other than money, power and greed. Just look at the child of darkness standing on the pulpit and recognize the blasphemy from his mouth when he lies about the interpretation of the ancient texts. When I am upon the world stage these children of darkness will show my Light to be darkness and the darkness of their religions of money and possessions as the Light.

Even the unbelievers stand deceiving ALL that they are the true believers.

Dressed in their traditions and laws they make themselves up to look as they are from the Light. The interpretations and laws of power and subjugation they have devised from the book we gave them only serve their own lustful greed. These powerful children of darkness who rule countries and kings will soon war with the true Light.

Children of darkness will never understand the true Light.

They have created their own dogma of darkness subjugating the feminine. In their haughty castles these vultures sit and proclaim their glory by the deceiving words they speak. The legions of darkness they command pillage, rape and kill in the name of the darkness they created. The delusion so deep that even selling young girls into slavery is justified in their war for dominance.

When the cleaving begins they will have their darkness.

My future mother I Mika’el resound with the truth of the ages. Religions of men were created by men for the benefit of men. In the heavens there is no religion only the adoration of God. You are in the heavens. Remember this and live in the gentle green glow of the Garden in Light. The Unity of ALL is upon the world. In the morning when the shofar sounds ALL will travel to the true Light. Then the world will truly be living in peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness as the cornerstone of the ONE within the Light.

Peace and Light to ALL!