One day the Light will shine and little ones will live and not die

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The cowards steal children and leave them in the streets to rot. The unbelievers take schoolgirls to sell them into slavery. The children of darkness rape women as if their religion justifies sin and evil. The clerics and priests are as vultures condoning the violence because their errant beliefs bring them power and money. The kings of the north supply weapons of war then cry to their people that they do not understand the violence that the world holds.

Put down your weapons and learn war no more.

In the darkness of war, deception and greed the only thing the vultures, kings and children of darkness know is the conflict that they show. The evil ones lead forward thinking that there is a god above that accepts murder, rape and theft. Logic and wisdom does not hold that life begets death. The children of darkness are digging the abyss for themselves and soon their own graves will be covered.

In the Light we learn war no more.

My future mother continue on the path of love for ALL and service to others. From within the truth of the Light you will find the future of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness within our Garden. One day the children of the earth will once again walk amongst the trees and pick the fruits of life. In that day the little ones will never again be taken and left in the streets to die.

Peace and Light to ALL!