My emissaries report that Light is seeping through the veil of delusions

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Standing in the green glow of the Garden my emissaries tell me that the battle rages on. Since my release of knowledge in days past the Light has been stronger as my army grows. I have word that the children of the Light are receiving their orders and soon the world will see my Light.

I am still hidden from the children of darkness.

As much as my Light is filling the world my Light is foreign to most. The children of Light feel their strength building but their time is not yet. The truth is seeping through the veil of delusions as the walls of darkness slowly crumble. Even those who are awoken have traded their standards for the banners of Light. My future mother our army of Light grows.

Soon ALL will know the green glow of the Garden.

My beloved is fighting her own battle to meet me within the Light. I know I will have to dance through the green to meet her in the yellow of the day. Falling further into darkness my journey continues. I feel the terror this prison of material holds. I am stricken by the wailing that beseeches me to give of my Light.

My future mother prepare for the transition.

As the warning of days past went out the aspect of Light grew in the world. Azazel knows that the days of darkness are numbered. The children of darkness still do not understand. The caldera will release while the world is lost in mirth. Be not afraid my future mother for you will be safe in the Light.

Peace and Light to ALL!