Mika’el wrapped in purest Light of garnets his beloved shone

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Bound to my beloved as she is bound in song and love to me as many times ago.  Her songs of love and truth to me begin anew. Behold, thou art fair, my love.  Behold, thou art fair.  Your eyes my love are as doves.  I remember my heart to you.

My song to her heart lifting up her Light to me.

Behold, my fair love.  My beloved so pleasant you are to me.  Our bed is green as the Garden glow.  Let us walk hand in hand through the abundant green Garden we have built for ALL and for ALL times.

My beloved shone as garnets in the Light rising to the day.

The battle was long today with the children of darkness. Our front was washed in the red of our hearts. Climbing out we try to find green of our Gardens within the Light.  Side by side my beloved to mine and mine for my beloved.

ALL are invited to the green Garden built of Light.

My future mother emissaries tell me of community already working. Spread the Light my future mother. I have found my beloved and she has found me. As she rises to the sun speckled green in the Garden ALL rise in Light. For now my beloved shines as garnets in the purest of the Light.

Peace and Light to ALL!