Mika’el tells his future mother to not celebrate traditions but to live instead

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Your world is currently in the grip of traditions that it does not understand or even attempts to live.

These traditions from the ancients were meant to live not celebrate and remember. You celebrate compassion in these parades yet stand and watch as it passes you by. You celebrate liberation yet you bind each other with your delusional constructs.

My future mother throw these traditions by the wayside along with the rest of the delusions of this world. Live in the compassion of altruistic lovingkindness. Live in truth. Live in peace. Liberate yourself my future mother and ALL others through my teachings of the Light.

My future mother within the “7 Day Bodhi” you will learn to live these traditions within your life forever more.

Let the world be gripped in the delusions of celebration for traditions they do not comprehend. Let them be merry in their vomit as they wonder why the cistern fills with the waste torn from the belly of the earth. Instead of living the traditions that march before them they act as spoiled children and revel in their delusions.

My future mother when we make the Gardens anew these ancient traditions will be traded for the truth of the Light that I bring to this world.

Live in the compassion that I leave with you my future mother.

Live in the liberation that I leave with you my future mother.

Live in the Infinite Light of being that I leave with you my future mother.

Learn to live.

Show that you can take care of those things that you have been given and you will be given more.

The Light is available to ALL who ask.

Peace and Light to ALL!