Mika’el stands with the key to the pit as Azazel is soon destroyed by the children of Light

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Within the gentle glow of the green Garden Light my key does lay. The pit must be opened and the ancient beast put under. Our battle for the Garden rages forward into the Light. Within this gentle green glow do I find the strength to champion for my people. Lost is the wisdom and knowledge for the overwhelming love I declare. The beast that has built his house upon the sands of time will soon despair.

My crafty opponent stands alone in the darkness.

Through time untime the great deceiver shall utter his last. Azazel my great opponent will fall by the sword he crafts. A key opened the pit and into darkness will delusion fall. No more need for tools of war, deception and greed for the children have again the key of Light.

Little ones will rejoice in harmony the Light is my path.

Then in a thousand years when our family stands on the shores of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness Azazel will raise war, deception and greed of old. His forsaken delusion of his and yours will fall to ALL. The children of Light will encircle his foundation in knowledge and life. With backs turned to darkness the cornerstone of Azazel will forever stand alone.

The Light of the Garden knows only ONE.

My future mother because of your work and the work of ALL Light grows steadily within the Garden again. The key is now in the hands of ALL. Plant the Gardens anew as liberation of ALL is soon. When the pit is opened and darkness looms my emissaries will keep you safe. Help lead ALL to the Light horizon holding hands my future mother. When the dragon of old is chained I Mika’el will again be home and darkness gone forever more.

Peace and Light to ALL!