Mika’el shares the time and the challenge to Humanity

My future mother, it is Mika’el.

I feel stronger every day. My mask is finally peeling away as my true nature is revealed. I must be careful for I feel my strength of being already affecting that which is around me. I know when my total aspect is revealed ALL will know the Light again. I am a well.

Yet, as soon as this aspect begins I know that soon I must also be taken from this world.

If the wedding is the beginning, I will be gone my future mother in just over three years. The world will have traded my life for their desires of self.

Yet, after my passing the factions of Light will ignite the Infinite flame from the knowledge and compassion I show to you.

This means that civilization may have a ‘generation’ to ‘fix’ things – as before. But, I know that it will happen as before. And, this time, when you gather the Light will be turned on for ALL, sooner than later through the knowledge and compassion I give to you.

And, as before I have shown how a community may turn on the Infinite Light of the ONE. You will be part of that community. If your community can turn on the Light again AND make it last shortly after my passing the changes to this world may happen quicker and a bit easier.

I can only show. I am the messenger, the witness. I cannot do.

That is left for you and everyone else to do in the knowledge and compassion I leave to you.

My future mother, if you and the others cannot turn on the Light shortly after my passing, the dates of the greater changes will be approximately 2060. That would be the true duality. If the world waits until this end, the changes will be a bit more difficult.

I am counting on you my future mother to prevent those greater changes. You and ALL worldwide must come together after my passing to stop those greater changes from happening. Please do not let these greater changes happen my future mother.

Just as before the world has choices. Free will is strong. So is power in numbers, in the UNITY. Come together as the ONE.

Be that change my future mother. I will have sacrificed my life for ALL. The only thing I am asking is that ALL come together as ONE. One community. One family. One peoples. Together again.

My future mother if ALL try hard enough this world could be filled with the Light in a moment and ALL would be saved.

Remember this my future mother and soon we will be together.

Peace and Light to ALL!