Mika’el releases the first wave of attack upon the children of darkness

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Revelation 2016 has been released and the truth about the Light exposed from within this ancient text. The preparations for the battle have exposed the darkness and the delusions of the temporal. Within 2016 the attempt to open the Tree of Life will commence as the children of Light gather together unto the One in Unity. As the world will be further gripped by the darkness they create the power of the Light will be in direct proportion to that dark aspect.

Children of darkness will see the battle field but will not understand.

As the ancient texts are given their true meaning within the Light and the kingdom within is exposed the outter realm will tremble in disbelief. The war, deception and greed that they cling to will be ripped in an instant from their veiled delusions. Zerubbabbel will leave the house as the walls crumble. Azazel will retreat to the abyss of his making. The dark vicar will try to reclaim his throne of deception. The kings of the north and of the south will relent or they will lose their power. The One World Religion will crumble as the fingers of the sun make their gentle caress known.

Gather little ones unto the mountain of Light upon the battle field.

It is time little ones to rise within the Light. The trilogy of Apocalypse 2015 is complete. Along with the explanation of the ancient prophecy, the apocalypse has been exposed and the map of your revelation is available for ALL. The Light is within ALL. Gather the attributes of your candle stick so that you may light your lamp when the complete darkness is upon the world. My emissaries of Light will soon be released upon the earth as the children of darkness continue in their delusion.

Follow the Light and you will be successful.

From within the communications that my emissaries of Light have passed to the prophets throughout history are the hidden battle plans of the Infinite One. The darkness was a result of the separation yet the depths of depravity and disrespect amazed even us. The darkness of ego when confronted with the Light still bends back into the delusion which yields the deception of power. Standing tall with haughty desires of self the children of darkness will only whine and cry because they do not realize that the darkness and wrath they perceive was created by their own hands. It is by their works that their recompense will be. We are not providing the wrath as our hands lead ALL into the Light of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

Peace and Light to ALL!