Mika’el prepares his future mother for the battle

My future mother, this is Mika’el.

The battle of the children of Light against the children of darkness is soon to be waged. Prepare yourself my future mother. Understand the conflict, follow the Light and you will be successful.

This fight of the spiritual over the material will be waged in the coming years. I have presented the family of the Earth with what is real. The house of Zerubbabel will be defeated and the One will again be known.

After the walls of Zerubbabel have been toppled, we will be free to build the Garden for All once again. The children of Light will triumph over the darkness, as it has been promised to our peoples from the beginning.

As this battle comes to an end, the fiery torch of man will soon be lit. Those who believe in their own power and glory will squirm like rodents backed into a corner by a fierce lion. These men who live by greed, deception and war will create their own demise. I pray they listen to me, but as they built the walls of Zerubbabel so too will they destroy them in their fury. These children of the darkness detest the Light. The children of darkness would rather perish in their house than open the door to Truth.

They think they will win but they underestimate the army that I command.

Yes, my future mother, my work in this realm is almost complete. It is about time that I come home from the battle and rested in your arms. Through all the lifetimes and challenges I have overcome, I long for the freedom of rest. How I long to rest in your arms close to your bosom. I cannot wait for you to hold me my future mother.

While you may not understand what is about to happen, have comfort through my writings and my teachings. For as long as I am on this planet, glean from me all that you can. For when I return as your daughter my future mother, we will lead our peoples to the promised land.

Soon, my future mother, I will be home with you.