Mika’el prepares for battle with the knowledge and compassion of his being

My future mother it is Mika’el.

As I prepare for battle with the children of darkness by reading the texts that I have left myself throughout the ages, you should be preparing for your future home.

Start by understanding the knowledge and compassion that I am leaving with you again. Read my texts, for I am the teacher, scribe and witness. It is through these that you will find the understanding that will allow the building of our Gardens.

First, my future mother, find acceptance in what I have given to you.

As the Light begins to grow with you and understanding becomes clear, my future mother you and the feminine of this world will rise and stand beside me. You will understand the knowledge and compassion that I give to you. You will understand the age of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness that is upon us.

You will be so passionately empowered that you will build that community around you even now while I am with you.

I am counting on you my future mother and all in our family on this earth to understand my message and take action.

It is not me, it is ALL of you who must reach for the Light and flip the switch.

And while you are learning, preparing and gathering for the Light, begin repairing the earth. Plant fruit and nut trees in abundance. Take out the thorns and thistle from amongst your grounds. Enrich the earth anew and plant food for our peoples preparing for my return. End hunger by the gifts that you have been given.

When you have shown that you can take care of that which you have been given, you will be given more.

As for me my future mother, I must prepare my temple for the Light and the battle that is before me.

Peace and Light to ALL!