Mika’el loses his beloved to the darkness that surrounds him as he squirmishes before battle

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Today the dance of Light with my beloved was lost. In the darkness that surrounds me the sight of her is but a fading vision through the clouding Light. As I descended through the orange and red I lost my beloved as she was rising to the yellow. She will be victorious in reaching the gentle Green glow. I fear now my grounding will be alone to finish my work on the earth. Straining to see the brilliant Light of being one last time before the darkness envelopes me our battle is upon ALL. Freeing this brilliant Garden from the children of darkness and their tight clutches will be an honor for ALL.

Delusional rhetoric spawned of forebears will not triumph over Light.

A minor squirmish ensued as I prepared for battle. The delusions of ego cannot let go of the darkness even when presented with the Light. In showing the error and the deception within the dogma of this darkness the powerful and rich still insist the harm they create to the earth and others is of the Light. The delusional forebears who thought they had triumphed will soon perish in the purifying fire of truth.

The Light is a healing, peaceful, comfort of being for ALL.

The ancient texts we inspired have now become standards for war, deception and greed. The news from the pulpit of these institutions of darkness prey on the little ones. These dark ravens pick at the eyes and the ears so that their followers only remember the deception and cannot perceive the Light. They stand with their adornments and preach a dogma of material wealth. If they only realized the suffering in their words as true believers would adorn sack cloth in understanding of their darkness.

Money and possesions are constructs with a core of death and darkness.

Still they stand with their riches piling up more riches and self proclaimed hautiness. Ego before the world made up to be something that they believe the little ones want to hear. When these teachers of lies stand on their pulpit commanding their armies of darkness the world sinks furthur in error and darkness.

When the world splits recognize the healing Light of ALL.

My future mother the first shofar will sound soon and the choice will be given for the children of Light to venture into the Gardens anew. Of the three temples listen closely as I give the instructions of the Light. After the choice is given the remaining sounds will bring the darkness into the vibrations of their next octave. The Light will be as such leaving this dark aspect to the world which the children of darkness created. My future mother as the cleaving begins cling to the Light and you will be successful. Soon we will walk into our future of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness in the Garden.

Peace and Light to ALL!