Mika’el is the repairer of the breach and the true shepherd of the flock

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The stiff necked children that were once cradled in the arms of the living God have forgotten and twisted the Teachings that we laid before them even more than their forebears did. Your forebears when backsliding did fall under the spell of their captives. Jeremiah and the others of the assembly did try to right the wrongs yet the legions of darkness still look for signs that will never appear. It was said over fifty jubilees in the past that the ONE who deserves your respect did not speak of burnt offerings or sacrifices yet the unruly children of today still wish to build a temple to devour flesh. The temple of walls is of old. We implore now that you respect the entire temple of the earth and repair the destruction you have created.

Walk in the way of Light that you may be well and live.

And was it not said by the ancient of ancients that the earth is of the ONE the fullness thereof and ALL that dwell therein. ALL have been given the gifts of the Garden to share in Unity. The clarity of the message was clear.  We are perplexed how you have twisted these Teachings within this aspect of war, deception and greed. Even the admonition of the priests gave way to even haughtier despicable behavior by these spoiled children of darkness.

The most pleasant gift to give the ONE is to live in Unity.

You should stop your selfish desires of greed and adjoin yourself to ALL the living for only within Unity is there hope. The earth and all that is within is meant to be shared. You the children of the living God were given the task to be stewards as the earth was in your care. Now we have come to right the wrongs to heal the waste places to execute judgement on the children of darkness along with the vultures and kings who destroy the footstool of the ONE in whose graciousness gave you life.

Follow Mika’el into the Light of the Garden to find peace anew.

The shephard and the Light is within your midst. Unlike the shepherd of old the shepherd that is before you will feed the flock with wisdom and compassion. He will strenghthen the diseased bind that which is broken bring forth that which was driven away and seek out they who are lost. The Light of the Garden will once again shine in peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness when my shephard is over them and he renews the covenant of peace that was lost so long ago.

Peace and Light to ALL!