Mika’el gives word to his emissaries to arm the children of the Light for battle

My future mother it is Mika’el.

While the kings of the world and their legions wander aimlessly looking for answers within their constructs we are building our army of Light within the world. These powerful teachers of lies feel the Light grow but they cannot see within their darkness. The powerful look out the window and wonder as their seer speaks of the cleaving. They are gripped with darkness as delusion continues in their quest to stop the Light.

Material must surrender to the Light.

Confusion has set in and ALL need a time to adjust. The slow build begins now. When the Light has spread throughout the world ALL will know. The children of darkness will shudder as they have realization that the world that they created will be left without the Light.

The texts of Light should be read by ALL little ones.

Resolution for the chosen children of Light commences my emissaries should report. The writings of Light found within the works of Mika’el are clear for this age. Those ancient texts of forebears within delusion should be thrown to the fire of darkness. Emissaries of spirit fly now to the corners of the earth and make known the Light within these texts written of ancient and future times when Land and Life are ONE.

Discard the discord and pick up the Light anew.

Emissaries I charge you now to fill the world with the Light of the texts. Speak now to the children of the Light and give them inspiration towards the Light. As many as you can with whomever you consult send the Light of spirit, truth and peace throughout. The children of darkness will wake up as we are already walking together into the Light. Go now my friends so ALL can find the peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness at last.

Peace and Light to ALL!