Mika’el gives guidance as to the scope and transformational aspect of his message

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The message and the purpose of why I am here amongst you is not anything that I wish to tell. The course of your world and civilizations have been given the truth and the choices long ago. As spoiled children you are always trying to take the easy path. Righteousness is a term that is seemingly unattainable and grandiose but surprisingly simple to attain. Yet even as this easy path you’ve chosen is paved with your destruction you still choose darkness over the Light.

Your choices perplex.

My future mother if there is anything to remember after the flames of darkness pass is that children running through fields of golden seed are much better than children shot in the streets of concrete darkness. Had you listened to those championing for renewable instead of limited resources the bleeding of the earth would not have been. Had you listened to the lessons of the Light instead of creating your bed of darkness the message of Mika’el would not be.

Your choices are why I am here.

My future mother follow the Light and you will have success. Follow the teachings of the 7 Day Bodhi for immediate transformation of your world. Understand that within those texts and the Sevenfold Teaching are the blueprints for the Gardens of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness. Wipe this world of war, deception and greed from your memories and transform your lives with my teachings.

Empty yourself now so that you may be filled.

Make the choice for peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness in this moment. Plant the seeds of the earth so that ALL may live. Not just the greedy generation that is upon us but for ALL generations of our family, now and future alike. Turn back your ways and fill this world with the Light.

My future mother and ALL of our family please choose the Light for life forever more as there is always time to rise from the darkness.

Peace and Light to ALL!