Mika’el explains the bridges to the Infinite

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Even I have struggled to rise from within the current human condition that faces the children of the Light. Such is the primerose prison of the material. The sheen of the delusions make our mouth water in lust. The flesh is such a wonderful bridge in the journey of experience, life and love.

Yet the Gardens have been laid to waste. The stench of the apostasy lingers throughout the corridors. The mountains of a civilization are but dust in the infinite. All beings scurry without pausing in humbleness as they are surrounded by that wonderful bridge of flesh to the Infinite. You are of the Infinite. You are within the Infinite. My future mother all of us are the Infinite.

My future mother our flesh is the bridge to the Infinite. On the inside we have a bridge of Spirit. On the outside we have a bridge of flesh. Each is a sacred path. As you interact with the Infinite on the inside so too should you do on the outward too.

My future mother we are all that instrument of connection. Our connection is for ALL. Our connection should be held in a higher respect than anything for that is our experience, life and love.

We are all in transition from a cycle of war, deception and greed to a wonderful cycle of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness. The changes in yourself, your community, your world is one of choice. The peaceful path or another of your choosing.

My future mother after the transition you will live in a world that I can only dream of. My inner child longs for a beautiful, pure land in which all of our family can live freely for all generations. The ills and sufferings of the current human condition will soon be a forgotten past.

My future mother the Gardens we are creating will last for many millenia.

Peace and Light to ALL!