Mika’el explains the aspects of wrath and the healing of the earth

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The aspects of me that have entered this world to teach, inspire and shephard to the Light have at many times come as a seemingly gently being. My aspect of the Light is from the original and still has that aspect of the origin, or ONE. I have entered again to heal the world so that our family will finally be given liberation within our Garden.

Some may see this healing as a wrath. Yes, it is. It is a wrath against all of the delusion of this life and of the societies that have been built.

When the ancients wrote their visions and prophecies, they were speaking in the only language and societal vernacular that they knew. A tall structure to them was a mountain. To us it is skyscraper.

Wrath is in the eye of the beholder.

When the ruling powers divided the earth by the religions that they built, the authority they devised was a delusional construct of their egotistical drives for power. Living in delusion is difficult when one faces truth.

My future mother as I am here I am doing the work of the ONE, of that which is called GOD, that Infinite Light of Being. It is not by my will that the earth is healed but by the majesty of that which gives life and being to ALL.

My future mother those who cling to and build these delusions are those who will persecute me, torture me and ultimately kill me again. The children of darkness do not like the Light. They like the delusions. They are happy in their misery and their slavery. They are tied to the darkness and do not understand the Light even though it is at their core as they stand alive in this realm.

Yet even that can change.

You see my future mother we are in the process of healing the earth for ALL. It has been a time of preparation so that it will not be such a shock to ALL. The children of the earth will be given their choice. The earth and ALL will be healed.

It is a remarkable, beautiful, majestic and extraordinary change that we are approaching.

Our Gardens are being built anew for ALL my future mother. Soon we will be together in Paradise.

Peace and Light to ALL!