Mika’el explains the aspects of cause and subsequent wrongful blame of the earthquake

My future mother it is Mika’el.

I am driven to explain the aspects of wrath that your prophets have seen in ancient times.

Those things which seem as a curse are really the workings of the lusts and desires of the human ego. The seemingly rich and powerful of your governments and societies have raped the earth for personal gain and pleasure. The earth requires healing yet these spoiled children continue to rob the earth.

These same people are pulling the blood from under the skin of the earth and causing it to crack.

Your ancients saw an earthquake like no other seen before with brimstone raining down upon the earth for months. As it is written these children of darkness will drain the oil from the earth and crack the crust causing the earth to explode. These children of darkness are moving closer to opening the pit.

As the cracking of the earth continues it will loosen the calderon. In darkness the world will plunge by the hands of these greedy children. Instead of taking blame they will curse the Light.

My future mother fear not for I will be with you.

As the rest of the world slips into darkness you and all the children of the Light will have the spirit of Light with them. For those that follow the Light these events will be short lived.

My future mother start preparing for  the darkness. Food and supplies should be gathered. A safe place should be secured.

When it is all over and the sun once again shines through the clouds our Gardens will be renewed. Our family will be home. We will be living in peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness forever more.

Then will I be finally able to rest in your arms my future mother.

Peace and Light to ALL!