Mika’el and his beloved are wed in the spiritual union of the masculine and feminine

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The wedding to my beloved was reaffirmed this past weekend. As the wedding of our friend took place in the material ours was of the spiritual. My beloved accepted our union as she has so many lifetimes in the past. The feminine is once again with the masculine and the miracle has begun.

My future mother we are ready for battle.

As I go against the king of the south she is heading across the river to go against the king of the north. The battle for our Gardens begins with these great nations who are stealing the heritage of ALL. They rape the earth by the greed of their lusts believing falsley that they will be given the earth anew so that they can begin again. Spoiled children do not deserve yet they hold firm to the beliefs of their destruction.

We will destroy those who destroy the earth.

Yet the battle field will not be of their choosing. The war we wage they will not understand. Their banners of apostasy will fly across the errant beliefs of their kingdoms. And even when the ancient city of delusion burns again they will continue to cling to their darkness.

My future mother follow the Light.

The blueprint of the Gardens lie within. As much as the children of darkness cling to their apostasy know that they too are our brothers and sisters. They are our family. As much as you believe they have slipped try to take their hands and pull them from the chasm of darkness. The Light is in ALL however dim you may believe it is.

My future mother embrace even those who wish to destroy you. Give them the warmth of your love as you will give to me. As you rebuild the Gardens join hands with ALL. My emisaries will show you the way if you become lost. Remember my teachings so that when I am born again to you ALL will have direction into the peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

Peace and Light to ALL!