Mika’el admonishes the apostasy and gives the “Sevenfold Teaching”

My future mother it is Mika’el.

It pains me to see the condition this once glorious earth is in. Throughout the ages we have sent clear communications as to the proper way to live and conduct yourselves. Yet those teachings have been corrupted and turned into shadows of the truth. Your world religions are caught in apostasy and error.

My future mother in the Gardens that we are creating anew all of this will be forgotten. I have given you clear instructions on the course of life and the Light. In the “Sevenfold Teaching” I show the people of the earth the truth of their existence and of their path. Within the ‘Understandings in Truth’ you will find comfort and peace for all of our family on this earth.

The ‘Understandings in Truth’ are thus:

The First Understanding in Truth is:
All of Creation is one entity; is God! Amen.

The Second Understanding in Truth is:
God is the Creator; by whose Word all of Creation exists.

The Third Understanding in Truth is:
God is Holy; as Creation is Holy; as you are Holy.

The Fourth Understanding in Truth is:
All are One with God in Unity; One with each other in Unity.

The Fifth Understanding in Truth is:
The Heart of God is Altruistic Lovingkindness; as should yours be.

The Sixth Understanding in Truth is:
Give of yourselves in Service to God; to Creation; to each other.

The Seventh Understanding in Truth is:
In this moment there is only the Love of God.

My future mother take these ‘Understandings in Truth’ and use them to build the Gardens anew. We are ALL one family on this earth. ALL should have the Gardens available to them. ALL should be fed by the Gardens. ALL should be taken care of in peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

My future mother forget the worlds religions for they are in error. Forget the governments of your world for they should be feeding their people but they are not. Forget the societies that surround you for they only care of their own egotistical desires and lusts. Forget and you will have comfort.

My future mother I pray that a wave of Light will encompass the earth before the torches of men fly. It is up to you and ALL on this earth to make a change to the Light. Please don’t wait too long.

Peace and Light to ALL!