Mika’el accepts his mission and offers his devote service to ALL

My future mother it is Mika’el.

In acceptance of my purpose and path in this life I cried and laid prostrate on our earth in my gardens this morning.

I know that after my dear friend marries my journey will begin. I have accepted the path. I have accepted the mission. I have given myself so that ALL may live in the world we have prepared for you our family. I laid prostrate, cried and breathed in the earth for I know that whatever I may go through pales to the suffering of ALL battling the lies, greed and war of this generation.

Through what I share, teach and inspire becomes the Light forever more. Fear not for the trials I must endure for I have prepared for so very long. The understanding and knowledge of ALL gives comfort to me and overwhelming passion to carry the battle to victory releasing the Light forever more to you my people. My gift to you my future mother and all of our family on earth. Be healed and renewed through the Light I bring.

I think that is a fair trade for this life that was given to me to cherish and behold.

I am in service to the ALL, to the ONE.

I bow before you in both honor and gratitude for being able to offer this to you, my family.

And, that is the lesson through this life, and all of my journeys to teach and inspire. I give of my entire being to ALL. In each and every one of us there is the innate nature to do the same. Find that. Cherish that. You must ALL join together and create the Gardens.

Once again, I am the example of that life.

Live again!

My future mother when I return, we will build the Gardens anew. The lies, greed and wars will pass and the seeds we plant will be everlasting. Soon we will walk together my future mother in the promised land of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

Peace and Light to ALL!