Little ones should be kept out of your delusions of war

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Warring factions using the little ones for their treachery is a pervasive aspect of the darkness that you breed. Children stolen, killed and left in the streets is no cause for the abuse of other little ones in retaliation. Little ones are your future and should be shown the Light of your life as the Teachings disclose. You are raising them conflicted and pushing them into your darkness when you war then tell them to honor you. When we laid the command to honor parents we did not mean to honor parents lost in darkness.

Little ones deserve to have a future in the Light.

Just because the forebears of the nations have driven this world close to the abyss of darkness does not mean that the future has to be so bleak that the little ones of today should be made to suffer. These are your children. These are your brothers and sisters. They are the future of your world. The authority of nations are lost in darkness if beating of children is condoned by any. Relent from the service to self or the darkness of the abyss will be yours.

In the Light there is love for ALL.

My future mother soon the world will be in the Light of the Garden as peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindess is the future of our people. Teach your community that lovingkindness for ALL is the way. Teach your families that service to others is the way of Light. I know the battle is upon us as the children of darkness will be put down by the children of the Light. Until then find the Light that my emissaries have shown to your community and continue working the Garden for ALL.

Peace and Light to ALL!