Little ones are lost in the veneration of the One World Religion

My future mother it is Mika’el.

As the One World Religion encompasses the motivations of the children of darkness the little ones get lost in the suffering and death of the homage to the false gods of their creation. The little ones should not be made to walk for weeks without food and water only to suffer more in border prisons as their parents seek false hopes in the kingdom of the north. As the leaders of this dark kingdom fight under the dome and within the halls of the darkness they have created the world is gripped by delusions of greed.

Children of darkness only know war, deception and greed.

Proper fundamental values of the delusional ones they call conservative are held in liberal ideals founded upon the backs of the little ones they subjugate. They cry humanitarian crisis as they are clothed in expensive suits and adorned with the gold and silver of the vanity they cherish. Vomit spills from their mouths as their pulpit bespeaks the delusional constructs they try to convey for a deceived populous. They propose to build walls and fences to keep out those whom they have pushed aside with their rhetoric of self while bemoaning the true conservatives who have compassion.

In the Light there is no religion only veneration of the Infinite One.

My future mother as the One World Religion is slowly rendered obsolete the cracks in the foundation will be troubling for the nations who have built their walls upon it. Plant the food of the earth so that our family will survive these dark days of transition. When their eucharist fails and their pockets are emptied the children of darkness will see the vanities they once venerated become worthless in the Light. Build community towards the Unity of the Garden in peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness. Soon the children of darkness will understand the wisdom of service to all and remove their banners touting the dying frustrations of service to self.

Peace and Light to ALL!