It is darkest just before the dawn of the Garden of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

My future mother it is Mika’el.

As the judgment was set the children of darkness met with another push to live within the abyss of war, deception and greed. Images fill the numbness of life as the eventuality leads to the cleaving of Light. Before the horizon can be reached this dark aspect must have the Light pulled from under the feet of the kings and vultures who prey on the little ones they were entrusted to protect.

Death and destruction are a show of power and authority in the darkness.

It is claimed that we of the Light are less human for allowing the darkness to proceed. The children of darkness only know that the Light is in opposition to their oppression and power struggles of war. As much as we cry and pleed for justice the ONE who gives Light and life is our commander in the battle that will ensue for the earth and the fullness therein. The course was set by the children of darkness within the laws of free will and we are powerless to lift a hand upon a decision in darkness that was set.

The children of darkness set their own course of destruction.

My future mother the wars are upon your footstep and the earth will soon scream out her release. The year of release is upon us and we forsee the world will again ignore the prescribed respect that all deserve. It is a choice that the kings of darkness do avoid to throw this world into the abyss that they dig. The pit of darkness awaits for these haughty children as the Light awaits the time of reckoning.

When the hidden Light is known to you adjoin as the time is near.

The Light is about healing and lovingkindness. The ancient texts have been lost in deception causing even the elect to wander in delusion and error. My future mother ignore those who seek to show that there is Light within the darkness. Only within the true Light of the ages will the Tree of Life be found. The false lights that the children of darkness claim to have found are a delusion that will only dissuade to destruction. Anything other than peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness is not the Light only darkness within this aspect of war, deception and greed that will soon fall into the eternal pit of their choosing.

Peace and Light to ALL!