I know you are out there mother

Hello my future mother, I am Mika’el your future daughter.

In this cycle of life, I am preparing my next life for the new beginning of Humanity. I have written the “Sevenfold Teaching“. I have written the “7 Day Bodhi“, the “Secrets of God” and the “Light Event” showing all the path to the spirit. I am writing this blog in hopes that you will see it and understand the future of Humanity depends on you, my future mother.

My writings are for you and I. They are consistent with your beliefs for they are the core of existence. Read, learn, understand, live and give them to me when I am born unto you.

Unfortunately, if I am on the Earth in this cycle and aware, I can only give warning to what the peoples of the Earth are doing to themselves. I will try to battle. I will try to save my people. I will try to show the way to peace, truth and life. But, the ears of men are closed to everything but their own ego.

That is why I am reaching out to you. I know you are alive. I know approximately where you are. But, I cannot share these things as I fear the knowledge of who you truly are will place you in harms way. I must reach out to you anonymously. I must show you the way to me through the spirit. You will know my future mother.

And, all I ask my future mother is that you live in the Light so that we may build the Gardens anew upon the Earth when the fury of man subsides.

I wait for the arms of “My Future Mother”. Only then will I truly find peace and comfort. Only then will I not have to worry about my people again.

I  am Mika’el.

Peace and Light to all.