I have found my beloved my future mother

My future mother, it is Mika’el.

I found my beloved.

We both knew. I asked for her and she was already by my side. When our realization overcame us there was no question who she was to me and I to her. I cry in overwhelming happiness now just thinking of the lifetimes we have shared together.

Yet I know it is just for a short while this time. While my journey now begins she must be there after I am gone to give voice to the strong feminine I leave in this world. She is the one in my death to carry the Light to the coming age.

My beloved it is how it must be in this life fear not.

My work is near completion. I have written the guides. I will live the dualities. The picture of space and time should be clear to see the Light in ALL. We are ONE. We are of the ONE. We are the ONE. At the end of my time in your world you will see just how interconnected ALL is by these events.

My beloved is witness to me and the dualities, as will so many across the world will be. It is the time of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness. Change is never easy.

She will help you my future mother. She will guide this world to the renewal of the Gardens. The two of you will never meet, yet you both will share the bond of knowledge and understanding. The coming age is for ALL through you both. Be strong.

I look forward to seeing you for the wedding my beloved. We will talk soon.

And soon I will also be with you my future mother. Through time and space is this message to you. Our lives are interconnected as ALL will be shown. The stage is set and the play in the final act.

Peace and Light to ALL!