From within the texts of the ancients are found the dates of end times to darkness

My future mother it is Mika’el.

As the third moon of the Tsade was upon us my fingers gave the world the new text of my purpose. From within the texts of the ancients I show who I am and the choice that is given. It has been a long suffering battle with the dragon of darkness but now the children of light know that choice we gave to them when we sealed the Tree of Life 5775 years in the past.

The Light is upon the world and soon it will be known.

The children of darkness have not long before their conflicts will end. They will learn war no more as the knowledge of times past is remembered within the world. The little ones who suffer will be given comfort. The earth will be set on a course of healing. The Light of the Garden will again give the gentle green glow from so long ago.

Rejoice and follow the Light for success.

My future mother when I appear upon the world stage tell the community that you are building to not be like the unbelievers who choose the darkness still. Be as the wise and follow the Light. My emissaries will guide you as they have throughout these times. I wish I could stand beside you yet that would endanger ALL as we transition through these changes.

Children of Light will walk with me towards our home.

As the end times begin in 5775 I will have just over three years to gather the little ones for the journey. I hope that the harvest will be plentiful as there are rooms for ALL. Be not discouraged for those who choose to stay within the darkness for it is a choice that they make. ALL will have to choose between the Light of everlasting life or the darkness of everlasting contempt. My future mother I know that you will shine as the brightness of the firmament.

Peace and Light to ALL!