Forests of Giving in our home of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Let me share with you a story of how life within the Gardens should be…

3745 years ago, a child was walking from a neighboring village to his village with his grandfather. He marveled at all of the fruit and nut trees that grew along the pathway and asked, “Grandfather, how did all of these wonderful fruit and nut trees come to be planted in our forests?”

His grandfather, a simple man, began to tell the story of a remarkable act of kindness, “Many, many years ago, before even my grandfather’s grandfather was alive, there were many people that went hungry in our lands.”

The child exclaimed, “No!”

“Yes, it is true, there was a time when our peoples had to work very hard just to be fed. That is, until a great wise man started planting fruit and nut trees every month throughout these forests. He started planting the trees when he was a young boy, about your age.

“When the wise man ate a particular fruit or nut, he would save the seeds and place them into a little pouch. Once he came upon an area he deemed necessary to plant a tree, he put the seed into the ground and tended to it until a tree started growing.

This wise man continued this practice, every month of his long, happy life. He lived to be very old.”

After pondering the generous acts of the wise old man the boy, perplexed, again spoke, “But, grandfather, that one man could not have planted all of these trees.”

“No, my child,” his grandfather replied.

“After the villagers saw the benefits of the wise man’s actions, more and more people began to follow in his footsteps. Soon, everyone in all of the neighboring villages were planting fruit and nut trees.”

“And,” the grandfather continued, “still to this day, everyone in the known world understands the story of the wise man who started planting trees every month of his life, and continues in his footsteps. Our peoples know nothing else but to care for the food that was given to us, and entrusted to us, for all generations of our peoples.”

The boy reached up and pulled a very ripe fig from a tree and took a very juicy bite out of it.

“Be careful, boy, I know it is hard to fight the temptation to eat our way home, but your mother has a feast readied for our return. Come, let us continue on our journey.”

The child took his grandfather’s hand and continued on their journey, disappearing into the fruit and nut forest started long ago by one thoughtful child.

Peace and Light to ALL!