Darkness of spirit can also lead to darkness and error within the material so be not deceived

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Be not deceived by the dark forces that seek to confuse through delusion showing the darkness as Light and the Light as darkness. In my battle I have found the dark forces showing spirit yet leaving the little ones left to the devices of deception. The path of Light will always be love for ALL and service to others.

Being within the aspect of self leaves the door open to darkness.

Even those in darkness see the world of Spirit. Just because spirit is shown it does not mean that it is the truth of the Light. From within the Light there are truths that are not dependent on individual truths. An understanding in these truths of existence lead to the Light. When you are allowed to find truth upon the improper basis that is not truth at all but a belief that you are above even the Light.

The children of darkness take many forms to deceive.

Just as the one who gave his three truths did not say that they were open for discussion merely that individuals should examine them and find them as truths within their lives. Truths in the Light are very different than the darkness telling that all spirit is of the Light. Be very careful little ones for the deception that these dark ones profess will leave you lost in error.

Make a choice in service to others for the true Light.

So many have found teachers and mentors who say they have the Light but do not teach the truths of the Light. They believe that everyone can find the wisdom and logic of the Light without the basis of truth. From within this dark aspect of war, deception and greed the story of ages is that only the right knowledge and the right compassion leads to the Infinite Light of Life.

Make a choice in love for others over the teachings of self

So many wander through this realm not caring that the neighbor that they see is also a child of the Light. It is up to each of us to ask and show if we are truly children of the Light. Make the choice to tell the dark spirits to go and bring into your life the truths of the real Light of Life. If you truly live in the Light those around you will understand when you show that you care by giving this love for ALL.

Peace and Light to ALL!