Darkness does not like the knowledge of the Light

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Before we started your calendar anew and closed the seal on the Tree of Life, the family of earth understood Life and Land as ONE. In the previous eras of your family ALL lived in abundance. None had need. Your family lived in the Light. Life was very different in the TIME UNTIME of your ancient past.

Before the darkness of religion ALL lived within the Light.

When you lived within the Light the lifespans of the children of the earth were not shortened, as they are today. Our family was without disease. There was no hatred, or vanity, or evil thought whatsoever, no sorrow, no fear. Nothing was bought or sold for everything was shared. ALL were free and ALL was shared by ALL.

Life and land were ONE in the Garden of delight.

When we sealed the tree and began your lessons we informed you that it would not be forever. We told you that once this lesson was past a choice would be given and the Garden would be restored. The end was known at the beginning. The horizon of Light fell far into the future.

Learn to live as ONE again so that you may return to the Garden of delight.

My future mother the release of knowledge is ongoing to prepare the children of the earth for the changes that are taking place. The children of Light already feel the effects of this disclosure. The children of darkness do not like the Light. Darkness deceives by calling the true Light darkness. Soon there will be no mistaking the knowledge of the Light the darkness wants to hide.

Peace and Light to ALL!