Dancing down through purple blue and up through orange yellow my love beseaches me to the green of Light

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The dance is underway. Within sight my beloved reaches to me as I travel down to outstretched hand. The green of our bed is clear. Yet I Mika’el am so heady up here. The knowledge and the pain of the world beseeches me.

Through space and time ancient secrets told dancing down the Light.

The cataclysm in 1632 of the forgotten shmita stirred the world of walled cities like none before. The kingdoms and the majesties cowered at the warning given. Drunken from their golden chalice the promenade grew haughty. In a day that world changed. In a day they remembered the warning the brothers gave.

And on this day I Mika’el reveal the time the vicar stole.

5775 is the next halfway through the determined cycle. Understand well children of the Light. The heartbeat of the earth grows weak. The time we placed upon closing the tree was a marker to the truth. The traditions are your signpost. The year we approach is the pillar. Hear me well children of Light secrets today revealed.

Gather a mountain unto me and your Light will shine.

The great bull died at 304. We are upon 825. When the caldera screams in release you will know. You have taken your home and rendered her forsaken. Upon the seven is release prescribed. The trumps have sounded. Yet these will likely fall to hallows wind. To darkness do the children of darkness prepare.

Children of Light do not bow to darkness upon your doorstep.

The light shone to the children in 2130. Amid confusion within the kingdoms of the world the brothers and sisters of the first families held hands into liberation. Given forty years to travel another 30 to settle jubilee was in the air. Given the knowledge and the tools of Light the ancient priestly grace we guided and protected.

Again we hold our outstretched hands to children of the Light.

My future mother as then so too now. Gather ALL together standing in the Light. My beloved the yellow is just before the green. We see the horizon of Light shining upon our new home. This dance through yellow will be a trying change.

From knowledge in 5770 to thirty more given jubilee hearkens after passing yellow doorway anew to Light.

Although impending darkness seems for ALL watch as my beloved dances with me in Light. The yellow is just the change to see the green and the glorious Garden in Light. Our promised jubilee forever more ALL living in peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

Peace and Light to ALL!