Conflict amongst the children of darkness cause displacement of the innocent little ones

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The tears for the little ones have evaporated from the eyes of the children of darkness in this aspect of war, deception and greed. The conflicts continue to grow as the little ones are displaced. Without home or food they are sickened by the darkness that pervades. From the vicar of Rome sitting on stockpiles of gold and gems to the king of the north whose subjects fund the wars and destruction these innocent little ones are the suffering masses.

The children of darkness care not for another just their egotistical selves.

Fifty million with half of them children are pushed from their homes as the haughty ones sip tea and throw parties celebrating their fortunes built on the back of the darkness they provide. News of the horrors that they promote matter not as they stand in line and buy the products of their lusts and desires. Fill your faces with tempting treats children of darkness and grow fat upon your derision. Even as you walk within the streets of your own land the homeless and helpless are only worthy of mockery and disgust.

In the Light we care for ALL.

My future mother the waves of change are coming soon. The horizon of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness stands as a beacon to those who are seemingly left behind. The children of darkness think that by some errant belief they will be pulled up into the Light. They do not understand it is by their own hands does their darkness grow. The Light has no room for love of self and ignoring the cries of the little ones.

Make the choice for ALL if you wish to walk in the Light.

It is a choice that is upon us ALL. For those who like the darkness their overwhelming war, deception and greed will continue to seep into their lives. For those who choose the Light they will be comforted in the arms as ALL give service to the ONE. Love for ALL is spread throughout the earth in pockets of caring and sharing. My future mother the community you are building can now rejoice for our future home in the Garden is preparing to arise from the ashes of the darkness that you see.

Peace and Light to ALL!