Beginnings of the end times within the five days knowledge is released

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Today the lifetimes that I have endured for the children of your people and the battle we have waged against the dragon of old is coming to a close. For the next five days as it was written so long ago are the beginnings of the end times for war, deception and greed. As I write these words for ALL the children of darkness know that the earth will once again be our Garden in the Light of our new day.

Peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness are our future in the Light.

Between the third and fourth Tsade moons I and my army of Light will wage our final battle on the front of delusion and darkness. As I step onto the world stage the wave of liberation will encompass the darkness and put it asunder for those who choose the way. I am here to lead ALL into that promised aspect of life forever more into the Light of the Infinite One we adore. It is by the Light that I find my strength. It is by the Light that we will be victorious. It is by the Light that the children of darkness will deceive no more.

From the seventeen to the twenty one the knowledge is available to ALL.

My future mother ALL have waited for this day of beginnings. The dragon will soon be put back into the abyss. My emissaries of Light that have stood by my side for so very long will again be free in the comfort of the Infinite One. As we ALL are. The Garden will soon be planted anew. The pruninghooks are being cast. Soon the world will learn war no more as we gather the Unity of ALL together again.

Love for ALL within service to other selves we live in the Light.

I now stand as foretold by ancient forebears to deliver those who wish to follow into the Light of everlasting life. I also know that there will be those who will choose to dwell in the darkness of everlasting contempt struggling against the Light that I bring. These children of darkness will mock and deride the truth and the Light unto their destruction. Be not alarmed my future mother just gather the community that you have surrounded yourself with and rejoice for the Light!

Peace and Light to ALL!