Before the fingers of the sun reach down and caress the earth there is quiet upon the surface

My future mother it is Mika’el.

As the world grows darker before the dawn of the Light the sun also quieted before the reach of the fingers disrupt the nations. The systems of the heavens are preparing for the shift. The cleaving into darkness is moving forward. As the children of this world will witness something that appears to happen in a moment has been working for longer. These things we would not just bring upon anyone suddenly the preparations have been long.

Light and darkness will separate with the soundings of the heavens.

The ancient seers when they heard the earth scream in their visions only had the language of trumpets and horns. The heartbeats and the signals of the earth systems were not of their language or knowledge. Today we can surmise the science behind the soundings yet the reality of the fascination will only be experienced because of the darkness that we have built around us.

The sun is becoming like a taught bow soon to let the arrow flow.

The fields that protect the earth and our people have been damaged by the draining of the blood of the ground. The demand for oil and resources cause the world to breath heavy for release. The heavens are in Unity as our peoples should be. The friction of the earth upon the space of the surroundings cause all to feel the faint cries of dismay. From the earth to the sun and beyond the screams of destruction climb.

Our people can not even care for each other let alone their home.

When the little ones fall from the sky and are crushed by the armies who carry the banner of Light you know the sky is darkened with delusions of division. Disrespect leads only to death when we told you first to value life. You rob the free will of those who were given life by the Infinite One. You find yourselves even above the one you call God. The living One gives life and you believe it is yours to take.

In the Light the little ones will never die by the hands of another.

My future mother continue to live in the Unity that you have built. The joy that my emissaries of Light do report fill the void of why we continue upon the battlefield of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness. All is not lost. We have spent lifetimes longing for these days. The Light of the Garden is just upon the horizon. After the short lesson we will bring peace for a moment so that the world may know the Light is upon the earth again.

Peace and Light to ALL!