As the Garden is upon the horizon the Light shift has begun to reveal the vibrational changes

My future mother it is Mika’el.

With the last moon of the Tsade the vibrational shift was monumentous around the globe. The new vibrations of Light have been felt far and wide. As the earth prepares for the shift these moments of change will draw us all closer to the Light of our future home within the Garden. Even I have had to take a moment to adjust to these new energies that are within and without. The Infinite ONE is preparing us for the glorious times that are upon our peoples.

When the Light is fully upon us the earth will be healed.

I know the children of darkness will not comprehend the changes nor will most of our people wander without fear but the coming changes are predestined to bring us closer to the nature of our true being. It will be a cleansing and a healing for ALL as we move into the Golden Age of the earth. Change is not easy especially as we move from war, deception and greed into peace truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

Children of Light prepare the earth for the remnants with love.

My future mother continue planting the trees and edibles that will allow you and your community to survive after the changes. The trees will be strong through the shift to Light and will allow our people to flourish without too much distress. The edibles you are planting throughout the hills around you will spread their seeds around the immediate countryside so that when the sun reappears they will grow in the warm green glow of the Garden. My emissaries tell me that you are steadily building the Unity that will be predominant upon my return. Continue this and spread the word that soon the shift will be.

Peace and Light to ALL!