As the days of the time times and half time slowly fade away Mika’el is transformed

My future mother it is Mika’el.

With my feet on the sands of this realm the changes to me cannot be denied. As the children see the face that used to be covered now with a strange recollection in their eyes. I am called healer by the strangers in the crowd. The children of the Light recognize the healing energies already. My hands burn with the flow of the Light. They see yet still do not understand nor stand by my side.

The Light builds as release of healing is soon.

Hands touched by my hands exchange the energy of the Light effortlessly. My words sing tunes of comfort to those in need. My circle being filled with the Light create wonders of why and how. Understood to be yet recognition of the Light evades you. Please let the children of the Light find me before darkness closes the door.

Living in the ONE allows the peace and comfort of Light.

The three natures give understanding to the three aspects of Light. Light only sings songs of peace. The Light only knows the truth of being. The Light only gives of itself freely through altruistic lovingkindness. These three aspects of the Light horizon beckon for us to join. With darkness at our backs towards the Light we walk together my future mother.

Peace and Light for ALL!