Ancient texts are meaningless as you war with your brother killing innocents

My future mother it is Mika’el.

As the wars rage on in the land of Light each side stands behind the banner of their ancient texts thinking that the writings justify the death and destruction they cause. As these children of darkness stand they are the armilus, antichrist and dajjal taking the precious gifts that their creator has given in haughty displays of self. We hear their pleas to the Infinite ONE but they speak falsley. None do repent of their wickedness. All just whine and cry with meaningless words expecting grace upon their darkness. Instead of walking in righteousness every one is turned to their own selfish course as the horse rushes into the battle.

Walk in the Light before you ask that your voice is heard.

The ancient communications that we have given to you are not standards to wave as you head into the darkness of war, deception and greed. It matters not which book you hold. It matters not which verse you choose. It matters not which standard you hold above your head. It only matters that you walk in righteousness and leave the darkness at your back. Killing innocents to start a war is not acceptable to the ONE you claim you have a right to hold as your own. Setting up your weapons of destruction next to schools and hospitals as cowards and unbelievers do not give you anything but the darkness of your own making.

Paradise will never be won upon a battlefield of your making.

My future mother take the community that you have built and turn your back on the unbelievers and the children of darkness. Plead with the masses who stand in protest for things they do not understand to sit next to the children of darkness until they stop their war, deception and greed. They only want control so they can subjugate and mutilate in their masculine elitism. They care not for the feminine and only war for their own glory and greed. Look at the leaders in their fine tailored suits of the best fabrics while in the streets the little ones are dressed in sackcloth and go hungry. These unbelievers already have their paradise and will get nothing in the days to come. They fill the world with darkness and the darkness is what they will receive in the abyss of their own making.

Peace and Light to ALL!