An explanation my future mother

It is Mika’el my future mother.

I must explain.

Throughout the generations of the children of the Light I have found my way back to the earth to inspire my people to find their Light.  In each society, in each vernacular, I have written, taught and shown the Light.

From ancient times to the present, my teachings have been twisted and used for personal corruption and darkness. These simple truths became shadows of the true Light.

In this life I have once again written, taught and shown the Light, yet your world is so far wrapped in the delusion of material that even the shadows have been torn from the Light. The remnants of my former teachings create a delusional basis for your societal norms. The lure of the material has desecrated our homeland to the point that action must be taken to secure this gift of the Infinite.

It is time to rebuild the Gardens and secure our heritage.

My future mother the only way to show my people that this Light is true, is to show how all streams of my teachings are interconnected. Through your space and time, that you might know the Light is true, I give you the SECRETS OF GOD.  As one of my final writings before the transformation, it shows how all world religions have at their core the path to the Light.

Through space and time do I, Mika’el, reach out to you my people. Each and every one of you, no matter how much you are filled with darkness, have that spark of the Infinite Light within you. Close your eyes, quiet your mind and ask to see the Light. It is within, around and throughout ALL. Heal yourself. Heal your world.

The Infinite Light is the heritage of each and every one of my Human family. It is for ALL. Just reach past the delusion and understand that we are all ONE. We live in Unity. We ARE of the Infinite Light.


But, more than that, my future mother,  the SECRETS OF GOD show how you and the remnants of my people can unlock the Light after I am gone. After the torches of men pass, use this guide to access the Light forever more.

Heed these instructions. Gather all the children of the living ONE together and make a mountain unto the Unity of the ALL. Live together, build together and share as you will understand to have all things in common.

Use this text my future mother. After the torches of men are extinguished, find the Light within ALL. Come together into the new lands that we have prepared for you. You will not be alone. My emissaries will guide and assist.

Live forever in the Light my future mother. Gather all my people for their final home. Peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness will be the cornerstone of these Gardens. As the cornerstone is placed so too are the Gardens established forever more.

No more hunger. No more slavery. No more need. Burdens and sufferings lifted for ALL forever more.

But, first my future mother, I must wage battle to secure this, our heritage.

Peace and Light for ALL!