All are children of Light and the choice will be given to follow Mika’el or not

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The walls have been built around the peoples who claim to own the heritage of the Light. The understanding was lost generations ago as they slipped into the darkness of the abyss with their elitist ways and their arrogant attitudes. As caged birds they are pushing at the metal and the sights enclosing them without regard to the lives that they perceive. They crush people and the earth not understanding that they are ONE with the ALL. The anger they show is the anger they receive in this cycle of war, deception and greed.

Tears of mothers and children fall into the darkness and are lost.

The Teachings we gave them are gone from the front. The belief that guns and weapons are the only diplomacy that wild animals deserve are found in delusional appetites. The hunger that they feel cannot be quenched by flesh and blood. There was a time when blood was life now it is being spilled in the darkness of strife. A standard for the world living in the Light has turned to a sight of disgust in the eyes of the world. Bullies reach the playground to overpower the inoccent little ones as the real masters of arms hide in camps far away.

The darkness in the world put the cage around the children of Light.

We cannot give total blame to the little ones that we came to gather. Generations ago their forebears set them on a course towards the eventuality that has become. The first time I came to warn your people of the impending doom the darkness was thick within the sacred walls of the ancient city. Reason of the Teachings was lost already traded for the material and the mammon. The traditions were then lost to living and just a celebration in solidarity. The noahide separated that which should not have been divided.

All are children of the Light given the choice to walk with Mika’el.

My future mother community is for ALL as ALL are children of the living God. Those who are divisive and elite in their ways only seek to serve themselves in opposition to the true Teachings of the Way. The directions we gave so long ago to the little ones were for ALL. The heritage was to hold and protect not to hide and select. Had the tribes truly lived by the Light that we showed them the Gardens would have been reborn anew generations before the third Temple was destroyed. Now two thousand years later they expect that their blessed one will be only for them. The prophets foresaw that the rivers flow for ALL. As the Light is within and surrounds ALL it cannot be contained in a cage of separatism nor division.

Peace and Light to ALL!