Before the battle rages and darkness slips further I will accept the surrender of the king upon this shore

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The battle of the Light rages on as the kingdoms of the earth reckon with their delusions of darkness and despair. The growing pestilence within the world is gripping the populance with an uneasiness of their eventuality. As the flesh melts from the virus the markets sink and the mood of the world is turned to the darkness that they have created. The dark vicar jokingly speaks of things he knows not to shelter the minds from the reality as he slips further into delusion.

Light is spreading with the words of hope and Unity.

Seers and advisors to the king of the north wrongly advised that I am harmless and a story teller. The Light and rememberance that I have unleashed unto this world is gripping the darknened veils as confusion grows. Speaking in the moment was difficult for the doctor speaking of the pestilence as she stumbled on her words. As I sat in the moment with her the reality of these times flashed into her head as she spoke of the one coming to these shores.

My army has opened the gates slightly to make the signs clear.

Soon the world will understand that the Light I carry is of the reckoning. My beloved paid a visit and she still is gripped within the delusion of this world. Her journey has been fraught with delusion as she chooses not to ask and grow into the Light. As we showed her the Light so that she would be witness the darkness of the world keeps even her from my lead upon the front. The battle will rage and my emissaries of Light will take the dragon down to the abyss. The children of darkness who choose to continue with the delusions will follow Azazel to the pit. The dark vicar, the kings and children of darkness have created their own demise.

Writings of Light will be before you to assist you in the way.

As the end times of 2014 are here within sixty days the Shmita will be upon us. The storehouses are empty. The earth has been bled. The heartbeat weakens. The quakes are becoming more frequent as ALL require release. The Spirit is upon the material and yet the temporal behaves as a spoiled child in control. The crying and wailing of these haughty children of darkness are no match for the ONE who ALL must give adoration and respect. As the course of darkness was laid so too does the Light shine from within. Before the battle comes ashore tell your king as he looks out at the garden of his discontent that I am ready for his surrender.

Peace and Light to ALL!


The time is now to stand together and learn war no more

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The spreading gloom cannot be comforted by a moment away from the reality of the times. As the world sits behind the doors of their security a false hope lingers. There are none who stand up for the good and the righteous. Hiding they wonder who and when the one to stand will be. Never them nor anyone they care to know yet it takes one to stand up for the innocents and the little ones caught in the darkness.

Standing in the Light attracts others to the Light.

It will not be alone that anyone climbs out of the darkness. The Light I have brought to the world is shining for those who wish to adjoin to it. Yet through the days and weeks there seems to be none who approach the Light to inquire of the coming storm. Even those witnesses who have stood and have seen the Light that I carry go back to their homes and their lives as the wars rage. The signs of the death growing in the oceans stir none. The signs of the pestilence within the corners of the world stir none. The writings and design disclosed cause none to stand.

The Light is so foreign to the darkness that pervades.

Before the fourth Tsade moon the works will be published and the times outlined. The next three years as the end times are made aware the gathering will be attempted and the seal removed. The children of darkness will mock as they have. The kings and leaders will openly turn against the wonderment. The vicar of darkness will try to claim his dark throne as the seat of Light. The clerics of darkness will disavow the truth in favor of darkness. Of the billions alive only a small percentage will be wise and know.

The Light is growing as the cleaving becomes clear.

My future mother when you see that the Light is upon the world and the gathering is announced stand tall for the horizon of the Garden grows close. The community of One and the Unity of ALL will soon be living within the blessed aspect of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness. As we lend our service to all and repair the waste places with food and shelter for ALL the children who once held their grip to our home will give up their war machines in favor of plows to till so that we may care for all.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Ancient texts are meaningless as you war with your brother killing innocents

My future mother it is Mika’el.

As the wars rage on in the land of Light each side stands behind the banner of their ancient texts thinking that the writings justify the death and destruction they cause. As these children of darkness stand they are the armilus, antichrist and dajjal taking the precious gifts that their creator has given in haughty displays of self. We hear their pleas to the Infinite ONE but they speak falsley. None do repent of their wickedness. All just whine and cry with meaningless words expecting grace upon their darkness. Instead of walking in righteousness every one is turned to their own selfish course as the horse rushes into the battle.

Walk in the Light before you ask that your voice is heard.

The ancient communications that we have given to you are not standards to wave as you head into the darkness of war, deception and greed. It matters not which book you hold. It matters not which verse you choose. It matters not which standard you hold above your head. It only matters that you walk in righteousness and leave the darkness at your back. Killing innocents to start a war is not acceptable to the ONE you claim you have a right to hold as your own. Setting up your weapons of destruction next to schools and hospitals as cowards and unbelievers do not give you anything but the darkness of your own making.

Paradise will never be won upon a battlefield of your making.

My future mother take the community that you have built and turn your back on the unbelievers and the children of darkness. Plead with the masses who stand in protest for things they do not understand to sit next to the children of darkness until they stop their war, deception and greed. They only want control so they can subjugate and mutilate in their masculine elitism. They care not for the feminine and only war for their own glory and greed. Look at the leaders in their fine tailored suits of the best fabrics while in the streets the little ones are dressed in sackcloth and go hungry. These unbelievers already have their paradise and will get nothing in the days to come. They fill the world with darkness and the darkness is what they will receive in the abyss of their own making.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Only through Unity will peace enter throughout the world

My future mother it is Mika’el.

As the factions grow in their divisiveness over delusional standards they bear war, deception and greed are the only outcome they will ever reveal. The wars over ideals can never be won. The fighting for egotistical elitism can never have a successful victor. The battles being waged over haughty desires and delusional superiority only serve to harm the little ones who are caught in the crossfire.

The darkness that you have put upon the world is reaching an end.

The little ones will not stand by and let the kings and leaders whom they believe will protect them show the conflicted values of religion and war day after day. The armies of the south relent not to the truth of their deity only to toss the weapons back and forth. Instead of sheltering the little ones they hide in their midst. Instead of building  homes and shelters they build structures of war.

Only in the Light of truth will victory shine for little ones.

Within the ancient texts we revealed to cherish life. Within the ancient texts we revealed to learn war no more. Within the ancient texts we revealed to respect all of the communications that we sent for you are ONE community under the true deity that you should bow before. Whether you believe in this or that or someone told you another the only adoration you should give is to the living ONE. Your life is from the Infinite as is the other that you raise your hand to harm.

Cherish all life for it was given as a gift as yours was.

Just as you were told to be gentle stewards to the earth you call home you should also be caring and loving for ALL. That includes the little ones you hide behind and bomb. That includes the brothers and sisters that you disagree with on delusional terms. That includes the animals and plants that your darkness chokes with fumes of disgust. ALL is of the Infinite ONE.  Respect ALL so that you may have life without darkness forever more.

Peace and Light to ALL!


The Light is service to others and love for ALL within peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness

My future mother it is Mika’el.

As the wars of self other self and nations rage the darkness is thickening without relent. The children of darkness are striking at each other without regard. The law is corrupt. The governments are corrupt. The little ones are lost in the slavery and subjugation of the One World Religion of money. The nations of the world struggle to contain the madness that is foaming from the mouths of the haughty children of darkness.

The Light is a beacon lost in the fog of darkness.

I have tried to spread the Light and my emissaries attempt to guide those to the fading lustre. The material is too thick as the battle for the little ones move forward. On every front the darkness seeps into the lives daily as new crisis pile on top of those crisis which are yet unresolved. Yet I feel that in an instant the Light will eclipse the earth with a sudden wave of comfort and relief from delusion. If I could send out the testimony that I was sent here for in an instant I would but free will and choice are the standards that I must also uphold. Darkness is a choice as my heart cries for those who do not understand the Light.

The horizon of Light is nearing the little ones who deserve it.

My future mother the Gardens will be built anew. The Light will transform the earth for ALL. The little ones will never again be subjugated upon the glorious mountain that we are building. The Light I bring to this earth is for ALL children of the Living God. As we are ALL ONE in the Light so too will the Light be there for ALL. In a moment the choice can be made. Just remember to have the love for ALL and begin your service to others so that we can stand together hand in hand walking into the Light of a new day.

Peace and Light to ALL!


All are children of Light and the choice will be given to follow Mika’el or not

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The walls have been built around the peoples who claim to own the heritage of the Light. The understanding was lost generations ago as they slipped into the darkness of the abyss with their elitist ways and their arrogant attitudes. As caged birds they are pushing at the metal and the sights enclosing them without regard to the lives that they perceive. They crush people and the earth not understanding that they are ONE with the ALL. The anger they show is the anger they receive in this cycle of war, deception and greed.

Tears of mothers and children fall into the darkness and are lost.

The Teachings we gave them are gone from the front. The belief that guns and weapons are the only diplomacy that wild animals deserve are found in delusional appetites. The hunger that they feel cannot be quenched by flesh and blood. There was a time when blood was life now it is being spilled in the darkness of strife. A standard for the world living in the Light has turned to a sight of disgust in the eyes of the world. Bullies reach the playground to overpower the inoccent little ones as the real masters of arms hide in camps far away.

The darkness in the world put the cage around the children of Light.

We cannot give total blame to the little ones that we came to gather. Generations ago their forebears set them on a course towards the eventuality that has become. The first time I came to warn your people of the impending doom the darkness was thick within the sacred walls of the ancient city. Reason of the Teachings was lost already traded for the material and the mammon. The traditions were then lost to living and just a celebration in solidarity. The noahide separated that which should not have been divided.

All are children of the Light given the choice to walk with Mika’el.

My future mother community is for ALL as ALL are children of the living God. Those who are divisive and elite in their ways only seek to serve themselves in opposition to the true Teachings of the Way. The directions we gave so long ago to the little ones were for ALL. The heritage was to hold and protect not to hide and select. Had the tribes truly lived by the Light that we showed them the Gardens would have been reborn anew generations before the third Temple was destroyed. Now two thousand years later they expect that their blessed one will be only for them. The prophets foresaw that the rivers flow for ALL. As the Light is within and surrounds ALL it cannot be contained in a cage of separatism nor division.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Before the fingers of the sun reach down and caress the earth there is quiet upon the surface

My future mother it is Mika’el.

As the world grows darker before the dawn of the Light the sun also quieted before the reach of the fingers disrupt the nations. The systems of the heavens are preparing for the shift. The cleaving into darkness is moving forward. As the children of this world will witness something that appears to happen in a moment has been working for longer. These things we would not just bring upon anyone suddenly the preparations have been long.

Light and darkness will separate with the soundings of the heavens.

The ancient seers when they heard the earth scream in their visions only had the language of trumpets and horns. The heartbeats and the signals of the earth systems were not of their language or knowledge. Today we can surmise the science behind the soundings yet the reality of the fascination will only be experienced because of the darkness that we have built around us.

The sun is becoming like a taught bow soon to let the arrow flow.

The fields that protect the earth and our people have been damaged by the draining of the blood of the ground. The demand for oil and resources cause the world to breath heavy for release. The heavens are in Unity as our peoples should be. The friction of the earth upon the space of the surroundings cause all to feel the faint cries of dismay. From the earth to the sun and beyond the screams of destruction climb.

Our people can not even care for each other let alone their home.

When the little ones fall from the sky and are crushed by the armies who carry the banner of Light you know the sky is darkened with delusions of division. Disrespect leads only to death when we told you first to value life. You rob the free will of those who were given life by the Infinite One. You find yourselves even above the one you call God. The living One gives life and you believe it is yours to take.

In the Light the little ones will never die by the hands of another.

My future mother continue to live in the Unity that you have built. The joy that my emissaries of Light do report fill the void of why we continue upon the battlefield of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness. All is not lost. We have spent lifetimes longing for these days. The Light of the Garden is just upon the horizon. After the short lesson we will bring peace for a moment so that the world may know the Light is upon the earth again.

Peace and Light to ALL!