Mika’el is awakened as the beast destroying the darkness of war, deception and greed in 5775

My future mother it is Mika’el.

As I was born into this incarnation in 5723 eighteen years after the torches of men did drop in 5705. From that date the first real number of the man in revelations being 616 divided by four and and again by three gives 51 and a third. Add this to the birth and we do find the year 5774 plus four months which is the start of the end times for war, deception and greed. The beast of prophecy or the angelic beast to end the dark aspect of war, deception and greed. To the children of darkness a beast indeed.

Within the prophecy of Daniel we find the same time of the end.

From 3150 do we start when the prophet stood which was the sixty third Jubilee that we showed. Add the 1290 and you will find the abomination that stands at 4440. Blessed is he who waits until 1335 and stands at 5775. This is the precious year of the wait that the wise will know. Mika’el stands upon the shore with one foot on the bank and the other on the river of time to rescue the children of Light again.

Within the Roman Gospels we find it again in three of four.

The three natures of the Infinite One can be found within the three that have more than sixteen chapters. Within the seventeenth chapter of these at the twenty first line we find the year of the beginning of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness. From when the second Anointed first saw light out of the womb at the twenty one times three we extend three seventeens to get again 5774.

End times to war, deception and greed begin at 5775.

If that was all the signs we did show the days would pass and none would know. Yet within the code of the teachings the Rabbi finds that seven upon 5768 becomes again 5775. Not once but many times does the mirrored twelve appear. This is the end times and the beginning of the new. From this time we extend again time, times and a half time to find the eventuality and the end of this man for within 5778 we can see the darkness and Light will begin to cleave.

Peace and Light to ALL!


The earth screams for release as the signs of the end are growing in intensity

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The earth is screaming for release as the signs in the kingdom of the north are evidence. The rains, floods, tornadoes and earthquakes have been and will increase as the children of darkness trade their egotistical desires for the truth that Land and Life are One. As your greedy hands cause destruction do not cry to the One of Light for mercy or respite. You have disrespected the footstool and the fullness therein.

Destruction is in the eyes of the beholder.

The earth and all of her systems protect the ALL from the destruction that comes from the hands of the children of darkness. As we told you when we reset your clock 5775 years in the past and gave you the subscribed times of sevens as the heartbeat of the earth grows weak it will protect itself from even you. As the crust is fracked and the oil is stolen from the earth the vibrations will cause the yellow caldera to soon release in a fury.

Raping and pillaging the earth only ends in darkness.

Not only are the children of darkness killing the earth and all life therein but the greed of their delusion also brings death to their descendants heritage. For the delusional power that the One World Religion brings to those who venerate money and material the slippery slope of death is the only thing you will know. As the vultures hunger grows so too does the eventuality of the darkness of the abyss.

Live in the Light when Land and Life are One.

The Light is upon the world and the children of darkness will be given a wake up call to change their errant ways. They will see that the vicar and the kings have deceived the world within the walls of delusion. As the children of the Light grow in numbers the darkness will slowly retreat. When this aspect of war, deception and greed are overcome by the Light of love for ALL peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness will rise from the ashes of the darkness.

Peace and Light to ALL!


While the world is mesmerized by a white ball little ones suffer and die daily

My future mother it is Mika’el.

With all the suffering and death in this world it perplexes us that the sports you entertain yourselves with take hold numbing the darkness. You have created your constructs of money to feed the lusts of your being rather than do good and help those in need. Just around the corner from the stadiums that are filled little ones suffer and die daily with their rotting corpses in the streets.

The children of darkness ignore the death of children.

Filling your bellies with the delights of wine and food you cannot even save the left over scraps to help those in need. A child hungry on the street is just an object you wish you could remove from your sight. Children of darkness do not realize that soon it will be them on the street. When the money that you crave so fails you will remember the face of the hungry for it will be yours.

Love for ALL extends as service to others.

My future mother my emisarries of Light inform me that your community is growing. When the changes begin shortly and money fails your crops should be ready to feed some. We know that it will not be complete but it will give those contributing sustenance for a time. The Light will soon be upon the world. The horizon of our Garden in peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness will be seen by ALL.

Peace and Light to ALL!


The delusion of darkness numbs the little ones from the war, deception and greed

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The unbelievers that took the school girls have stolen more women and the world turns the pages of their lives. The numbing influx of darkness rips at the compassion through apathy and continuance. There will be no end to the subjugation and suffering at the hands of the masculine until the feminine rises above.

Fog of darkness is difficult to see through.

The vicar of darkness sits on his throne of gold and gems wondering how money can solve the darkness of the world. Throwing money at thieves will only leave you with less money while the societal problems in darkness will subsist. The only way to cure the breach of apostasy is with the knowledge that the children of darkness hide.

Service to others takes no money only dedication to Light.

My future mother fall not into the trap of the material that the vicar and his legions of darkness set for ALL. The trees give their seeds freely to ALL. The sun does shine the life giving light for no remuneration. The winds do blow, the rains do fall and the fallen plants give life again when put underground as part of their service to ALL. This is the core of existence as it should be at the core of ALL.

When existence gives for free as money is a construct of darkness.

Every day more people go hungry and die of starvation with the growing famines around the world. By planting trees and using the free gifts that the ONE does supply thankfulness and respect is the only return asked for the Life you are given. Rejoice! Soon when we enter the Garden of Light my future mother ALL will be living in peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Darkness of spirit can also lead to darkness and error within the material so be not deceived

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Be not deceived by the dark forces that seek to confuse through delusion showing the darkness as Light and the Light as darkness. In my battle I have found the dark forces showing spirit yet leaving the little ones left to the devices of deception. The path of Light will always be love for ALL and service to others.

Being within the aspect of self leaves the door open to darkness.

Even those in darkness see the world of Spirit. Just because spirit is shown it does not mean that it is the truth of the Light. From within the Light there are truths that are not dependent on individual truths. An understanding in these truths of existence lead to the Light. When you are allowed to find truth upon the improper basis that is not truth at all but a belief that you are above even the Light.

The children of darkness take many forms to deceive.

Just as the one who gave his three truths did not say that they were open for discussion merely that individuals should examine them and find them as truths within their lives. Truths in the Light are very different than the darkness telling that all spirit is of the Light. Be very careful little ones for the deception that these dark ones profess will leave you lost in error.

Make a choice in service to others for the true Light.

So many have found teachers and mentors who say they have the Light but do not teach the truths of the Light. They believe that everyone can find the wisdom and logic of the Light without the basis of truth. From within this dark aspect of war, deception and greed the story of ages is that only the right knowledge and the right compassion leads to the Infinite Light of Life.

Make a choice in love for others over the teachings of self

So many wander through this realm not caring that the neighbor that they see is also a child of the Light. It is up to each of us to ask and show if we are truly children of the Light. Make the choice to tell the dark spirits to go and bring into your life the truths of the real Light of Life. If you truly live in the Light those around you will understand when you show that you care by giving this love for ALL.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Conflict amongst the children of darkness cause displacement of the innocent little ones

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The tears for the little ones have evaporated from the eyes of the children of darkness in this aspect of war, deception and greed. The conflicts continue to grow as the little ones are displaced. Without home or food they are sickened by the darkness that pervades. From the vicar of Rome sitting on stockpiles of gold and gems to the king of the north whose subjects fund the wars and destruction these innocent little ones are the suffering masses.

The children of darkness care not for another just their egotistical selves.

Fifty million with half of them children are pushed from their homes as the haughty ones sip tea and throw parties celebrating their fortunes built on the back of the darkness they provide. News of the horrors that they promote matter not as they stand in line and buy the products of their lusts and desires. Fill your faces with tempting treats children of darkness and grow fat upon your derision. Even as you walk within the streets of your own land the homeless and helpless are only worthy of mockery and disgust.

In the Light we care for ALL.

My future mother the waves of change are coming soon. The horizon of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness stands as a beacon to those who are seemingly left behind. The children of darkness think that by some errant belief they will be pulled up into the Light. They do not understand it is by their own hands does their darkness grow. The Light has no room for love of self and ignoring the cries of the little ones.

Make the choice for ALL if you wish to walk in the Light.

It is a choice that is upon us ALL. For those who like the darkness their overwhelming war, deception and greed will continue to seep into their lives. For those who choose the Light they will be comforted in the arms as ALL give service to the ONE. Love for ALL is spread throughout the earth in pockets of caring and sharing. My future mother the community you are building can now rejoice for our future home in the Garden is preparing to arise from the ashes of the darkness that you see.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Wars and rumors of wars fueled by investors within the kingdom of the north

My future mother it is Mika’el.

In this aspect of war, deception and greed the adherents of the One World Religion sit listening to the vultures upon the pulpit speak of love and the heavens while secretly their wallets scream death and destruction. The funds they hold and the money they invest only promise darkness and recompense. From the hallowed halls of their delusional ministries they speak of salvation while the works of their hands delivers a murderous blow.

The green money in your pocket bleeds red with the lives of little ones.

Within the marbled chambers the representatives of a people deny the wars that rage while they take the profits of corporate giants bent on selling arms and tools of war. Employing hundreds of thousands peace is not an option when economies thrive on the backs of the dead. From sea to shining sea the populus treads upon the delusional countries that it leads. War keeps the wheels of progress moving.

Peace is merely a slogan and a chuckle beneath the dome.

War, deception and greed are the underpinnings of the rotunda. To and fro the children of darkness pass creating their works of darkness for their legions of conflict. To go to war or not they rumble in the halls until their supporters enter and pass the notes of wealth into their blood stained hands. For the people is a lost paradigm as these vultures retreat to the caves they build with the riches they hold.

While the vicar sits on gold people die in the streets around the seven hills.

Clothed in fine linen of purple and scarlet the keeper of the apostasy sits upon a throne decked with gold and precious stones. Leading the children of darkness within a delusional apostasy they clamor weekly for the baskets outstretched with lies about goodwill and giving when all they do is take. Even the bank of the vicar invests in the dark industries of war, deception and greed. Their worldly religion is naught as even the legions of the vicar venerate the One World Religion they preach against.

The Anti-Christ is each and every child of darkness venerating money.

There you sit with the tickets to your funds. The pockets holds the green blood of death. You say you look for the one that is in your midst yet your mirror holds the truth of the ages. Look to the pulpit and see the face of the great deceiver. Look to the halls of government and those who stand behind a cross and you will see the beast. In darkness does the industry of war, deception and greed grow as you work your life and place your money in the pockets of darkness.

Within the Light money and wealth is traded for peace and life.

My future mother the world sees those without money as poor. The children of Light do not understand the veneration that the darkness holds for delusion and death. The Garden is about sharing and caring. If the vicar of darkness were true the billions would be spent on land for trees and edible plants to feed the world not objects of darkness and death. If the king of the north were true he would look at his roses and plot the end of war. If ALL were concerned with the Light they would look in the mirror and decide that service to ALL was better than the pennies they gained. Soon the Light will be known and ALL will live in the Garden of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

Peace and Light to ALL!