The vicar of darkness devoured the earth and broke it into pieces

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The end times are now. Unfortunately the world is still under the specter of the Roman vicar that teacher of lies from old. The children of darkness twist the prophecy in a delusional attempt to show these teachings are of the Light. These children are all puffed up living in their lies. That enemy of mine from of old lingers in the darkness of this age.

The vicar changed the times and the laws for his own glory.

Standing on his pulpit of power denying the truth of the first Anointed one the Roman vicar speaks treacherously against the truth. The laws were eradicted and changed to his liking. The calendar given by us when we closed the tree was denied. The traditions of truth were put asunder for his new traditions of darkness. Religions of men were melded together to create the vomit of error that treads the earth down.

The vicar devoured the earth and broke it into pieces.

By the power of his pulpit the teacher of lies gave the children of darkness something that was not his to give. Instead of preaching Land and Life are ONE the Roman vicar gave the land for division to these lustful children. Now the truth cannot be seen as the earth is controlled by money and not free for ALL.

The children of darkness do not understand the prophecy.

As the first told in the time of the end of the Temples the Testimony would be told to the world before that end came. The Testimony was presented and that end came. The vicar of darkness has since changed the true Testimony for the testimony of darkness. When the world knows the truth again this end will come.

The end times are now as Land and Life will soon be ONE.

My future mother follow the Light that I have brought back into this darkness. Continue planting the trees and fruits of the field for ALL. Soon the world will see our example and follow us into the Light. My emissaries tell me that your community is growing. Soon I Mika’el will be upon the world and the true testimony will be known. Remember my future mother choose the Light and you will have success.

Peace and Light to ALL!


The dance of Light continues as Mika’el is tried by the prison of flesh on his descent

My future mother it is Mika’el.

My dance of Light down to free my beloved from the shackles of the material is trying and difficult. She has made great strides reaching up to me. The darkness as I find my way through the yellow burst of sun even tarnishes the lustre of my Light. My purpose set I must find the strength to overcome the darkness that wants to imbue even me.

The time of the end draws near to ALL.

My future mother even though I have spent my life in this world of flesh with my mask on once it was removed the temptations of the darkness became dangerous and unforgiving. The call of the Light is clear yet the struggle so close to the darkness is overwhelming now. I know I Mika’el must be in this prison of flesh to free ALL yet so close to the end I fear difficulty and eventuality.

The time of the end is waiting for a choice.

The knowledge and compassion that I bring is my strength. The altruistic lovingkindness in my heart is for ALL to see. I am to heal. I am to teach. I am to help ALL though this transition. I find purpose and authority in the pure Light from which my aspect originates. The yellow of our discord is overcome with understanding.

The Light will  be victorious over the darkness.

My future mother you are fortunate that you do not live in a society as this. Your community is closer to the earth. Your community knows that Land and Life are ONE. A society like that would not work for the purpose that is set for me. I am not here to save the righteous but those lost in darkness. From within the darkest day will the Light shine for ALL to see. Soon the contrast will be upon the world and the choice clear as the sun shines in this new dawn of Light for ALL.

Peace and Light to ALL!


As the days of the time times and half time slowly fade away Mika’el is transformed

My future mother it is Mika’el.

With my feet on the sands of this realm the changes to me cannot be denied. As the children see the face that used to be covered now with a strange recollection in their eyes. I am called healer by the strangers in the crowd. The children of the Light recognize the healing energies already. My hands burn with the flow of the Light. They see yet still do not understand nor stand by my side.

The Light builds as release of healing is soon.

Hands touched by my hands exchange the energy of the Light effortlessly. My words sing tunes of comfort to those in need. My circle being filled with the Light create wonders of why and how. Understood to be yet recognition of the Light evades you. Please let the children of the Light find me before darkness closes the door.

Living in the ONE allows the peace and comfort of Light.

The three natures give understanding to the three aspects of Light. Light only sings songs of peace. The Light only knows the truth of being. The Light only gives of itself freely through altruistic lovingkindness. These three aspects of the Light horizon beckon for us to join. With darkness at our backs towards the Light we walk together my future mother.

Peace and Light for ALL!


Preparations being set if the first eventuality upon reverence for ALL does occur

My future mother it is Mika’el.

As the word of transition was sent early this morn we must prepare for the gathering. A trumpet horn and in motion is set the final chapter of these three dark aspects of war, deception and greed. Into the Light will we walk shadows behind us they will be.

First my breastplate and staff must be in hand.

My future mother in a land far away through the arid ancient grounds of fertile plains and growing trees hold the objects of Light from the first booth. My emissaries show that they surely glow as the caretakers spread the word. When the two united upon the heart of Light will ALL shine in the gentle glow.

Through the lands of darkness to the soft glow of arms.

The battle rages soon my future mother as the Light becomes known. The fire of the earth rests for now. The descending Light is in our midst. For when the blue is seen ALL will know the eventuality of our scene. From the hallows dark a glow will show the horizon waits for ALL. Soon we will be home.

Travel will soon take Mika’el away to the land of Light.

The invitation awaits and soon Mika’el will leave quietly in the night. For morning he arrives they believe to reunite tools of another world. When the mask came off these did glow waiting for the crash of pure blue. When found and mounted through the rock the Light will glow. Unchain the earth will be the war cry as the mallet reaches her core. Stand back as the Light reignites that healing glow of old. Soon my future mother soon.

Peace and Light!


Understand the Three Temples of Transition as the renovation finally begins

My future mother it is Mika’el.

This beautiful morn that the infinite laid revealed the temples within their gaze. My grip with my beloved slipped with news of wonder our son would be our father. From ancient was called and into the distant of a past we lived and a future beheld. Adam our son again and again.

Transitions of temples from darkness to Light.

You stand my beloved torn from my hand as the gentle green glow tears at your veil.  ALL temples we have are so far within the prison your confusion is built in delusion. My spring back to green while you slip back down allows me to stand above the darkness of the world below. Spinning the bars beginning to enclose.

The Light is ALL the need for darkness lost.

My future mother please release the secrets for healing of ALL. The earth signs are true the heavens speak now as the Three Temples of Transition align to the end. Finally now listen children of the Light at last the renovation can begin.

Peace and Light for ALL!


Step into the Light to remove the mask of division from your face and learn war no more

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Many are confused by the babbel set in so very long ago by the mask tied around their neck. When we closed the tree so too did you like the face you made for yourself. The face you had was lost in deception and darkness was left to ruin. Behind the mask you hide in darkness creating your division from the others.

Choices made as you must every time the Light is free to choose.

My future mother when the Garden is anew in the Light of day things will be again with the corruption of your hands lifted. These are the seeds of the tree listen well little ones for today the choice was laid. It is not that life will be extended life will be again without your veil. It is not that disease will be eliminated comfort will be again without your veil. These are all those things brought on upon yourself and these are the things you have the power to hold again through the Light.

Darkness of war, deception and greed are bred of your hands.

When you enter the temple of your being day after day you live be sure to look around and give thanks to the time grandeur for ALL you see in all the years you see it is ALL as there is nothing else but the ONE. The dance of Light that ALL take up and down the wheel gives us the zeal but we just can’t resolve the real that the Light reveals.

The delusion is separation within war, deception and greed.

Unite my future mother just as my emissaries report you are doing. The unbelievers talk of mine and theirs of wars to their destruction. These children of darkness take and plunder. Even the children of their families are just meat to sell at market. They trade the school girls for bullets and grenades. Lost in war, deception and greed these children of darkness have the power of disbelief whose only god is their money and guns.

As the prophet spoke your spears should now be pruning hooks.

Plant the trees and greens so that you may eat. When the choice of transition falls these we will not harm. For the remnant children of the Light the end will be then done and a shadow in the past. Live in the Light you’ve found my future mother bright. You know they gather extend your hand and know that our family has returned to our future Garden in  the Light.

Peace and Light!


The hand of my beloved through the sparkling sun breaking my descent

My future mother it is Mika’el.

I caught my beloved in the sparkling yellow sun dancing towards the new moon. Her hand intertwined with mine effortlessly in tune. We embraced spun and did our dance of Light. My beloved the journey down has been some eventful fortnights. My emissaries tell me ALL know now. Deep within the veil the truth is becoming known.

The dance of Light will take us back up to the Garden glow.

My future mother with the three temples exposed soon ALL will see. Keep planting and seeding as the sojourn is near. When the trumpet sounds it will be time to go. The land of our forebears to the gentle Garden glow. Peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness for ALL.

In the Garden there is no suffering only healing Light.

The transition is upon us as this becomes the end. Ending darkness and the start of a new day within an eternal moment. As the sun rises high my beloved know that my hand and arms around you in the green Garden glow will soon radiate across the healing globe. The Light we are only to share. Soon my beloved we will be there.

Dancing with my beloved brings balance to the Light.

My future mother my emissaries claim that ALL in your community are finding your bright Light. Stand tall my future mother for the horizon is quite near. The ever changing transition and that Light ALL call home. There may not be a wait or the third temple transition. Rejoice for you have found the Light!

Peace and Light!