The heavens signal a new beginning for the earth and our family of Light

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The preparations have been completed and soon I will battle the forces of darkness for our home.

This battle will be like nothing the children of darkness have yet seen. It will take them by surprise and will flood the earth with the army of Light. As it has been foretold ten thousand of my army will go forth upon this earth to first show ALL the error of their ways and to plead before them to change from war, deception  and greed to the everlasting peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness that I bring.

Yet I know that these children of darkness will murmur, mock and with their mouths speak great lies in defense of their error. These wayward children will cling to their apostasy even to their destruction. Yet the foundations of their shame will be revealed and the cornerstone of their reverence unto these false gods will be torn asunder.

My future mother I am Mika’el and I have awoken.

Fear not children of the Light for this battle is for you. We have entered this realm again to liberate our people. We have gathered our forces to protect this earth. We have awoken to the truth that the time to create change and dispel the delusions is upon all of our family of this earth.

My future mother you will witness this battle and many amazing wonders of the Light. Be not afraid. Stand tall to your knowledge and be wise. The wicked will continue to dwell in their wickedness and will create their own destruction. The mountains of man will crumble at the hands of my army of Light.

This civilization of error is approaching the final days.

My future mother rejoice, stand tall and follow the Light when it appears to the world. Continue to build the Gardens and plant the edible trees throughout the lands. These we will spare so that the children of the Light will be fed after the apostasy ends.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Mika’el explains the bridges to the Infinite

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Even I have struggled to rise from within the current human condition that faces the children of the Light. Such is the primerose prison of the material. The sheen of the delusions make our mouth water in lust. The flesh is such a wonderful bridge in the journey of experience, life and love.

Yet the Gardens have been laid to waste. The stench of the apostasy lingers throughout the corridors. The mountains of a civilization are but dust in the infinite. All beings scurry without pausing in humbleness as they are surrounded by that wonderful bridge of flesh to the Infinite. You are of the Infinite. You are within the Infinite. My future mother all of us are the Infinite.

My future mother our flesh is the bridge to the Infinite. On the inside we have a bridge of Spirit. On the outside we have a bridge of flesh. Each is a sacred path. As you interact with the Infinite on the inside so too should you do on the outward too.

My future mother we are all that instrument of connection. Our connection is for ALL. Our connection should be held in a higher respect than anything for that is our experience, life and love.

We are all in transition from a cycle of war, deception and greed to a wonderful cycle of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness. The changes in yourself, your community, your world is one of choice. The peaceful path or another of your choosing.

My future mother after the transition you will live in a world that I can only dream of. My inner child longs for a beautiful, pure land in which all of our family can live freely for all generations. The ills and sufferings of the current human condition will soon be a forgotten past.

My future mother the Gardens we are creating will last for many millenia.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Mika’el admonishes the apostasy and gives the “Sevenfold Teaching”

My future mother it is Mika’el.

It pains me to see the condition this once glorious earth is in. Throughout the ages we have sent clear communications as to the proper way to live and conduct yourselves. Yet those teachings have been corrupted and turned into shadows of the truth. Your world religions are caught in apostasy and error.

My future mother in the Gardens that we are creating anew all of this will be forgotten. I have given you clear instructions on the course of life and the Light. In the “Sevenfold Teaching” I show the people of the earth the truth of their existence and of their path. Within the ‘Understandings in Truth’ you will find comfort and peace for all of our family on this earth.

The ‘Understandings in Truth’ are thus:

The First Understanding in Truth is:
All of Creation is one entity; is God! Amen.

The Second Understanding in Truth is:
God is the Creator; by whose Word all of Creation exists.

The Third Understanding in Truth is:
God is Holy; as Creation is Holy; as you are Holy.

The Fourth Understanding in Truth is:
All are One with God in Unity; One with each other in Unity.

The Fifth Understanding in Truth is:
The Heart of God is Altruistic Lovingkindness; as should yours be.

The Sixth Understanding in Truth is:
Give of yourselves in Service to God; to Creation; to each other.

The Seventh Understanding in Truth is:
In this moment there is only the Love of God.

My future mother take these ‘Understandings in Truth’ and use them to build the Gardens anew. We are ALL one family on this earth. ALL should have the Gardens available to them. ALL should be fed by the Gardens. ALL should be taken care of in peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness.

My future mother forget the worlds religions for they are in error. Forget the governments of your world for they should be feeding their people but they are not. Forget the societies that surround you for they only care of their own egotistical desires and lusts. Forget and you will have comfort.

My future mother I pray that a wave of Light will encompass the earth before the torches of men fly. It is up to you and ALL on this earth to make a change to the Light. Please don’t wait too long.

Peace and Light to ALL!


The earth deserves your utmost respect as we enter the Jubilee year

My future mother it is Mika’el.

The Jubilee year is almost upon us. The earth deserves a rest. The earth has been beaten up, raped and left for dead. The earth needs to be healed from the harm that the children of darkness have inflicted upon it.

Your lack of respect for your home has caused us to enter your realm and heal the earth.

Before we do heal the earth, I am here to cause change towards the Light. My writings show our family how to live on this earth safeguarding it for all generations of our family. Live in the compassion and knowledge that I leave you and the earth will be healed naturally and without such enormous change.

Respect your home and live.

My future mother the earth is your bread basket and pillow. The earth was created for you and your descendants. The earth was created for our entire family not just for the spoiled children of darkness who contiue on their path of ruin. They are ruining the earth, ruining their heritage and ruining their life itself.

Respect the earth and live.

If everyone would plant fruit and nut trees at their homes, within their neighborhoods, at their schools, in the vacant land and everywhere they can suffering and the ills of society will fall by the wayside. Just by planting fruit and nut trees in abundance as your forebears were instructed.

My future mother the earth can be healed. I know that you will heed my words and will do as instructed. If the rest of our family on earth also listened to my words the wave of Light would spread throughout the earth and would be felt throughout the heavens.

My future mother take the lead. Plant fruit and nut trees in abundance. By you doing this others will understand and follow in your footsteps.

Respect the earth for ALL.

If the children of darkness continue on their path of destruction the earth will heal itself. If the earth has to heal itself it will do so without regard to the people of the earth as it is you spoiled children of darkness that have caused the earth to be beaten up, raped and left for dead. In the end you spoiled children of darkness will get your fair justice.

My future mother heed my words and understand that a Jubilee year is upon us and the earth deserves your utmost respect.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Mika’el prepares ALL for battle against the children of darkness

My future mother it is Mika’el.

I know you are out there waiting for the Gardens to be built anew. I feel the tears of the world. I feel the pain of the people. I am preparing for battle. Soon the world will see the Light.

I know it will be hard to convince the world to live in peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness. The children of darkness have a firm grip on this world. They have created a dependent society based on delusional constructs. Every one of these children of darkness are in an unending contest of power and conquest.

There can be no winners.

Yet they play on. Their playground is littered with the dead bodies of their descendants. The heritage that they were to pass on has been depleted. These spoiled little ones are sitting in amazement as their limited resources are running out. Soon food will be a luxury.

Begin planting fields of grains and seeds my future mother. Find the fields near you that are growing wild and throw sorghum throughout. Spread hemp amongst the sorghum. Mix these with all types of amaranth and sunflower. Throw some beans and squash into the mix. These crops will grow season to season as long as you seed the fields well.

My future mother start planting now for when the changes are over these plants will give you and the remnants food to survive. Always look to the earth and to the Gardens for your well being. The gifts of the earth will be spared when the children of darkness go to war.

There can be no winners.

Peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness are the cornerstones of the next age. I am preparing the battle. My armies stand ready. The children of darkness know that their time is up. The people of earth will no longer stand for their war, deception and greed.

My future mother stand strong for their time is at an end.

The earth is not theirs. We are reclaiming it and we will be victorious for ALL. When they start throwing their torches in disgust, make sure that you take shelter my future mother. The fires of their delusions will be extinguished quickly.

There can be no winners.

Unless they turn their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks. If in a moment of inspiration the people of this world held hands as a family the war, deception and greed would end in a moment. ALL could be freed to live in the Gardens immediately.

My future mother rally the brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents of our earthly family. Tell them to stand up for the Light. Inform them that it is time to plant fruit and nut trees in abundance. Shout from the mountain it is time to build the Garden anew.

My future mother tell them that it is Mika’el who trumpets for change. It is time for ALL to join hands in battle against the children of darkness. Plant the seeds of liberation and ALL will be victorious.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Mika’el tells his future mother to not celebrate traditions but to live instead

My future mother it is Mika’el.

Your world is currently in the grip of traditions that it does not understand or even attempts to live.

These traditions from the ancients were meant to live not celebrate and remember. You celebrate compassion in these parades yet stand and watch as it passes you by. You celebrate liberation yet you bind each other with your delusional constructs.

My future mother throw these traditions by the wayside along with the rest of the delusions of this world. Live in the compassion of altruistic lovingkindness. Live in truth. Live in peace. Liberate yourself my future mother and ALL others through my teachings of the Light.

My future mother within the “7 Day Bodhi” you will learn to live these traditions within your life forever more.

Let the world be gripped in the delusions of celebration for traditions they do not comprehend. Let them be merry in their vomit as they wonder why the cistern fills with the waste torn from the belly of the earth. Instead of living the traditions that march before them they act as spoiled children and revel in their delusions.

My future mother when we make the Gardens anew these ancient traditions will be traded for the truth of the Light that I bring to this world.

Live in the compassion that I leave with you my future mother.

Live in the liberation that I leave with you my future mother.

Live in the Infinite Light of being that I leave with you my future mother.

Learn to live.

Show that you can take care of those things that you have been given and you will be given more.

The Light is available to ALL who ask.

Peace and Light to ALL!


Mika’el explains the aspects of cause and subsequent wrongful blame of the earthquake

My future mother it is Mika’el.

I am driven to explain the aspects of wrath that your prophets have seen in ancient times.

Those things which seem as a curse are really the workings of the lusts and desires of the human ego. The seemingly rich and powerful of your governments and societies have raped the earth for personal gain and pleasure. The earth requires healing yet these spoiled children continue to rob the earth.

These same people are pulling the blood from under the skin of the earth and causing it to crack.

Your ancients saw an earthquake like no other seen before with brimstone raining down upon the earth for months. As it is written these children of darkness will drain the oil from the earth and crack the crust causing the earth to explode. These children of darkness are moving closer to opening the pit.

As the cracking of the earth continues it will loosen the calderon. In darkness the world will plunge by the hands of these greedy children. Instead of taking blame they will curse the Light.

My future mother fear not for I will be with you.

As the rest of the world slips into darkness you and all the children of the Light will have the spirit of Light with them. For those that follow the Light these events will be short lived.

My future mother start preparing for  the darkness. Food and supplies should be gathered. A safe place should be secured.

When it is all over and the sun once again shines through the clouds our Gardens will be renewed. Our family will be home. We will be living in peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness forever more.

Then will I be finally able to rest in your arms my future mother.

Peace and Light to ALL!